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The Vine: April 28, 2000
April 28, 2000 – 7:50 PM | 3 Comments

Dear Sarah,I know you aren't a guidance counselor but I feel I need an objective opinion from someone who has no stake in the matter.I attend a reasonably prominent Jesuit university (I'm just finishing my …

The Vine: April 27, 2000
April 27, 2000 – 7:50 PM | Comments Off on The Vine: April 27, 2000

Dear Sars,
I have a netiquette question for you. WAY back in the day, when I first got an email account through my university and could only access it and newsgroups, I struck up an email …

The Vine: April 26, 2000
April 26, 2000 – 7:49 PM | Comments Off on The Vine: April 26, 2000

A year and a half ago I got married. Six months later we were both sleeping around and out of love. We still moved away to Canada and signed a one-year lease. We're happy enough, …

The Vine: April 25, 2000
April 25, 2000 – 7:48 PM | Comments Off on The Vine: April 25, 2000

Dear Sarah,I would really appreciate your opinion on a somewhat complicated matter. I moved in with my boyfriend last summer and was very happy and in fact thought that he was The One and that …

The Vine: April 21, 2000
April 21, 2000 – 7:43 PM | Comments Off on The Vine: April 21, 2000

Dear Sarah,I switched schools this year. I went from a small Catholic school I had been at for eight years to a prep school on the other side of town, the east side. At the …

The Vine: April 20, 2000
April 20, 2000 – 7:42 PM | Comments Off on The Vine: April 20, 2000

I am a junior in high school trying to decide what to major in in college and ultimately, what to do with my life. The problem is, the two halves of my brain are pulling …