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My music-video debut: The Deadlyz, "Fall"

Submitted by on April 28, 2010 – 9:36 AM14 Comments

Putting the "fun" back in "Superfund": director/producer Eddie Ortiz, Deadlyz drummer Mark Mastellone, and location manager/co-star yours truly on the roof of King Killer Studios in fragrant Gowanus, Brooklyn. Photo by Bill Bjornholm.

Putting the "hag" back in "Uta Hagen": enjoy.

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  • Keckler says:

    Love the accent.

  • Angie says:

    Can I just say, you're having an excellent hair day in this video!

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    @Angie: Thank you! I styled myself, too, and it NEVER behaves that well normally.

  • Margaret in CO says:

    "Alright Backstreet, get to work" busted me up.

    And yes, great hair…scary friends, but great hair! ;-)

  • Jen S says:

    Awesome! Why can't I be two inches taller with your legs? Gimme!

    Inital reactions so far:

    Hey! Sars!

    Hey, Sars is smoking!

    I would have thought Brooklyn garbage to be damper then that.

    Yee-OWCH! Sitting on those chains must've hurt.

    Than my husband came in and said we need to go to the grocery store, so more later.

  • Alyce says:

    You better be careful. They're vampires.

  • Jackie says:

    Okay, glad to see I'm not the only one who thought "Hey! Sars is smoking!" I thought you quit. I hope you didn't fall off the wagon just for the sake of your art.

  • attica says:

    Okay, the deadpan look into the camera just before end credits just cracked all my shit up. Heee.

  • Jaybird says:

    1. SIGH. Great time for my computer's sound card to bite the big one.

    2. Is that rapid-sundown shot from "Forever Knight", or "Ladyhawke"?

    3. The janitor dude looks like a much, MUCH better-looking Steve Buscemi. Or rather, he gives off a Buscemi vibe. Which isn't nearly as nasty as it sounds.

    4. One reason I never got into smoking was because I couldn't get my hands to look as insouciant (?) and cool as Sars' do in this. If you're gonna look all fumbly while smoking, just…don't. So I didn't.

  • Betsy J. says:

    Sars, I don't understand.

    If you really need a janitor (and it seems like you do, cuz all that trash on the floor), then why don't you just take the comic book out of the bathroom and throw it into the street for someone else to pick-up, so that person will have to house the vampires?

    How can you concentrate on your writing when your guests get so loud and slutty?

    What happens when YOU need to go pee? Do you get paid a manager's salary, or do you receive rent?

    And, yes, your hair does look awesome.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    @Betsy: I don't understand some of this stuff either, since I didn't write it and was actually a last-minute casting replacement, but in real life, King Killer Studios features two (2) fully functional bathroom stalls, soundproofed rooms (so I can work, when I'm there), and a janitor. Named Sarah.

    Three-band show at the studio on Friday; you can come see for yourself!

  • Margaret in CO says:

    @Jaybird #3 – like Buscemi & Depp had a love child, maybe…

  • Jaybird says:

    @Margaret: EXACTLY like that.

  • Leigh in CO says:

    Hee hee…way cool. Boyfriend liked it, too!

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