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Update/Local Biz: October 18, 2008

Submitted by on October 18, 2008 – 10:59 AM5 Comments

A hair away from 67K at this writing. Don't forget: at 75K, a match kicks in automatically. You know the "Double Your Impact" notices you may have seen on certain projects? The Tomato Nation is getting one of those. For $12,500.

Twelve thousand five hundred dollars.

Your generosity is that inspiring.

[bows deeply]

Elsewhere, video essays by Matt Zoller Seitz and Kevin B. Lee, narrated by Dave Bunting Jr., on the works of Oliver Stone, including "Unreliable Narratives" (JFK), "Fear and Self-Loathing" (Nixon), and "Empire of the Son" (Alexander) (…heh). Discuss here, or join the fray at The House Next Door.

Universal Donor tipped me to, which runs predictions based on polling data via sabermetrics-y weighted stat analysis (this is probably not the right terminology, so here's your takeaway: if you like sabermetrics and poll explication, you'll dig the site, and even unmathy civilians like myself can get something out of it).

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  • Academic says:

    Wait, wait, wait….I thought the match at 75k was for 10k. Did the donor up it or is there ANOTHER match? 67354….Go nation go!

  • BeRightBack says:

    How does the "double your impact" thing work again?

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    @Academic: I wasn't sure of the match number, so I went with the lower figure I had so as not to have to reverse myself.

    @BRB: I hope I can explain this clearly instead of confusing matters further; here we go.

    Basically, the match will kick in automatically when the TN Challenge hits 75K; on every project, you'll see the "Double Your Impact" tag, which means that for every dollar you give to that project, a matching dollar will come from the donor. Once the match is spent, the DYI tags will disappear.

    The idea is that it's automated so that whatever you guys are giving to, that's what will get matched. There must be a better way to explain this so I will ask Zach.

  • Meg says:

    Nate Silver, the main 538 guy, is apparently well known for his baseball stats and predictions. I'm not all that into baseball, but I thought you might be interested in looking up his work in that field.

  • BeRightBack says:

    Okay, no, I think that clears it up. I also thought that this was something separate from the original match amount as well. But this is still really cool.

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