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Contest: Pushing 90

Submitted by on October 20, 2009 – 4:35 PM87 Comments

e commerceEverybody listen up: I HAVE AWESOME MATCH NEWS.

Bulletin #1: The Great And Powerful Asirda is so impressed (and touched) by your accomplishments thus far that she's become inspired to increase the amount of her next match at 90K. We can still get 3K at 90 no matter what happens — BUT!

  1. if we hit 90K by midnight Friday EST, the match is 4K
  2. if we hit 90K by midnight Thursday EST, the match is 6K
  3. if we hit 90K by midnight Wednesday EST, the match is 8K

Wednesday is tomorrow. $83,106 right now. Just under 7K to go in…hmmm, about 30 hours. But if you can make that 7K in 30 hours, we get ANOTHER EIGHT GRAND. Three or four is great, six is awesome…I like eight. You like eight, Asirda likes eight, EIGHT IS ENOUGH. You have done this before, piece of cake. Cake is awesome! Now I'm just yelling stuff for fun! Yaaaaay!

But seriously: If you haven't donated yet, please please consider donating now. If you haven't told a friend about Donors Choose, or recommended a project to a friend or colleague, please do that today. If you haven't used the ShareThis button to spread the word, take a minute and do that.

If you haven't remembered lately that you're awesome, I'd like to remind you. You're awesome. I have some awe; it is for you; that's how that goes. GET 'ER DONE.

Bulletin #2: HP is prepared to spread around some $200,000 of their own — and the more money each giving page raises by October 25, the larger a piece of that pie that giving page will get. The Bet Red giving page can stomp them all, big and small, and we've got five days to show them how it's done. And if we get that 8K, that would really help.

Don't forget that signing up for even a teeny automatic donation on the Donors Choose page gets you a giving card; head over and click on "My Account" for more details (top o' the page there). Better yet, get your friends to do it. Ask your wedding guests to do it. Hell, ask strangers to do it.

Let's do it! 90K! Go go go go go!

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  • charmaine says:

    Wow! Time to dig the change from the couch :) Lets go team AWESOME!!!!

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Obviously I meant to say $83,175. Sorry!

  • Elizabeth says:


    … shit, are we allowed to work blue here? I can't come up with a better expression of how I feel. Damn.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    "Are we allowed to work blue here." AH HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA! Hee…hee hee hee.

    …Yes, you fucking may.

  • Sharon says:

    "Now I'm just yelling stuff for fun! Yaaaaay!" Hee hee…

    Also, I just spent all my $50 gift card for my automatic monthly donation. Took about 5 minutes. :) I love spending other people's money!

  • Academic says:

    ASIRDA = AWESOME! We already knew this, but 8k?!?!?! She's obviously been smoking some Tomato Nation, and now she's BETTING RED!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hey, I dunno, maybe you wanted to reserve swearing rights for yourself? "Sit perfectly still. Only I may dance."

  • Amanda, the Magic Intern says:


    Item the First: Eeeeee!

    Item the Second: Asirda rocks. Long live Asirda! (HP too!)

    Item the Third: So math is not my best subject – I took degrees in English and History for a reason, y'all. But SO FAR, TN has raised roughly 40% of the total raised by the Social Media challenge. I'm sure you can crunch the numbers from there.

    Now, if you'll pardon me I'm going to go do an obnoxious booty-shakin' dance and scare the cats.

  • Ok, that convinced me. I'm now in and have donated. Go, Red!

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    84K. Less than 6K to go. I'M SAYING.

  • Meredith B. says:

    I love it when y'all give me terms I've never heard before that will become vocabulary essentials, à la HM/WB.

  • Jamie says:

    Awesome! I got my sister (a non-reader…for now anyway) to donate. Have also re-posted links on twitter and facebook. Good luck!

  • Keira says:

    Woooo! $84,500 and climbing. I dug out the change from my couch and all my neighbor's too! Now if I could just get the nieces to give up their piggy banks, since I filled 'em in the first place! Go Tomato Nation!

  • Amie says:

    Wow. My $50 giving card for setting up the automatic donation really arrived at the right time!

  • April N says:

    How long has it taken for others to receive their $50 giving card for auto-donation? I just signed up, so it probably won't get here by tomorrow night, but I'm hoping it will show up before the end of the contest!

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Almost 85K already! It's a dust storm in here.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    …85. Bet RAD!

  • Katie says:

    85K (or less than 5K to the next match)! I'm betting red….

  • M says:

    Woot! Perhaps it's time to bust out Master Stupidhead in the halloween costume. Or better yet, go for the double whammy of baby and cat pictures. There are no people I know that can resist cute babies AND fuzzy animals…

  • Amie says:

    @April N I don't remember exactly which day I signed up for the automatic donation but I'd say it took a little over a week for them to send me the code for the giving card. I hope you (and everyone else!) get yours by the end of the month, too!

  • How awesome would it be to hit 90k before 11:59 PM EST TONIGHT?

    I am a Degrassi nerd (I grew up in Suburban Toronto; how could I not love both series?) so I'm heading off to donate and to enter in the miniprize.

  • Amanda: Intern, Schmintern says:

    If we make $90k by midnight tonight (unlikely, I suspect, but possible!), I'm going to laugh. While awed, of course. Bet red!

  • MeganT says:

    I just bet red! And I think it registered, even though my computer is made of FAIL! Sars, I just saw your reply to my earlier post about the yarn donation–the yarn is old and acrylic, but if you want it as an incentive prize, it's totally yours, I'll even hand-deliver it (if the winner lives in the NY Metro area–might take me awhile to get anywhere else).

  • BeRightBack says:


  • Academic says:

    If we make 90K tonight, I'm going to dance with my cats.

  • Maria says:

    Dude. DUDE. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. My allergies are SO BAD today.

    I'm thisclose to speechless. Asirda is clearly the awesomest fucking intern EVER. (And I need an intern. Please come to NJ and work for me when this is over.)

    $50 giving card + $25 magically appearing dollars = it's a GREAT FUCKING DAY to BET RED.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Close to 86.5, in fact.

    The Roomba is now back in play. All donations from today through whenever we hit 90K are eligible to win a Roomba. Name it, dress it up, encourage it to chase your pets — for free.

    You guys are doing awesomely. Some more.

  • Rain says:

    I just got my giving card and I am all about finishing off projects…and wine. What is up?

  • JS says:

    Roomba! True story–my husband is deeply suspicious of the Roomba (and I'd say he's only 75% joking). He thinks that, since Roombas are manufactured by the same company that makes military drones, it's only a matter of time before the Roomba would Turn On Us. This makes me even HAPPIER that I just bet red–if I get a Roomba out of this, Roomba + husband + cats = days and days of pure entertainment. AND I got to contribute to the Harry Potter project, helping to further HP's indisputable superiority to Twilight. This contest is AWESOME.

    Also, the kids, etc.

  • JenB says:

    I am in! Yet again – I couldn't resist – and also signed up for monthly contribution. Come to me free money! Bet Red!

  • Steph says:

    O M G. We're almost to 87. We can do this!

  • Wilma says:

    As a Canadian living overseas I thought it was pretty cool to find kids studying French in Idaho!

  • Jeanie Beanie says:

    Heck, if we make 90K tonight, my cats are going to dance with each other!

  • Academic says:

    87.3K?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? GO GO GO GO GO GO! WE COULD GO ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    $87,662! Come on! Less than $2500 to go!

  • Shannon in CA says:

    Just spent my $50 gift card on some ukuleles! Awesome!!

  • Barbara says:

    Well ya wore me down….after a few years of being vaguely aware of this
    'annual-donation-thingy' on TN…I FINALLY, FINALLY read all about it this evening and made my first donation! Am feeling all cool 'n altruistic now!

  • MeganT says:

    $88,077. We rock.

  • Alicia says:

    88k+ … if we don't make 90k tonight I'll eat my, um, words!

  • J says:

    $1,760 to go 'till $90,000???

    And that's like, what, a $1000 an hour since the match was posted????

    I'm already dancing with the cat!

  • Louise says:

    I would like a Roomba!

    I think we are going to smash 90k tonight!

  • Hellcat13 says:

    I just Bet Red on one of Linda's projects. You guys, these kids need DICTIONARIES for crying out loud. Check it out:

  • Natalie says:

    Just got my Giving Card and put it back into a double-down project. I got my card in about a week, so sign up for that monthly donation if you can swing it. Less than $2K to SuperMatch; let's dig dig dig guys!

  • Jessica says:

    I think if everyone kicks in $10 for every umpiring mistake in this game we'll be at 90K by 11 pm.

  • BeRightBack says:


  • Driver B says:

    Ok, I am still unemployed, but I had a great interview today – so I went ahead and bet a leeeeetle bit more red, because the idea of this match is so tantalizing!

    AND, we're at 88K! West coast shift, kick it into gear!!!

  • KPP says:

    Woot! $50 Giving Card cashed in! Whee!

  • Elizabeth says:

    West coast shift is on it! And man, it is dusty out here. ::sniff::

  • April N says:

    88.5? 88.5!?!?! This is insane. The awesomeness knows no bounds.

  • Andrea says:

    $88,622! It's so close! I took some inspiration from M. Giant and had my daughter, a 5 year old kindergarten student, pick a project — she was so excited to help other kids. She has two piggy banks — 1 for money she gets to keep and 1 for money to go to charity — and she counted out some of that money for Donors Choose. She's asked to do some extra jobs to earn more money so we can pick another project. Thanks to you, Sars, for doing this every year. You are making a difference for many kids.

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