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Goin' All The Way, Day 10: All The Way

Submitted by on May 24, 2013 – 7:55 AM10 Comments


When a blog and its readers really love each other…

…nearly 36K on the morning of our last day, with almost twenty-five thousand students helped and 223 projects completed. Amazing work. I'm all tingly! In a rated-G way, of course. Keep going!

It's the last day of Goin' All The Way. Let's do just that. Let's polish off a library project (just $14!). Let's buy a tablet for a civil-rights unit before it expires (just 6 days left!). Let's help a "living systems" class in Arkansas, or curb teen pregnancy in Tulsa.

Let's get to 50K today.

Today's prize is a complete set of Degrassi Junior High on DVD, in honor of a certain young lady's "all the way with Stephanie Kaye" election platform. I hope it inspires you as it has inspired this band:

Donate to any project on the Prom Page; forward me your receipts to bunting at tomatonation dot com. Tell friends, family, and Facebook peeps that even $1 can help, that a tomato costume does not just drape itself in cheap satin. And be proud. You've helped so many communities and ended the school year on a high note for so many classrooms.

Almost done! Let's go all the way.

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  • mrs_f says:

    So I have a question which may be better asked of Donors Choose but I'm throwing it out nonetheless. The project for the playground in HI (Learning to Play while Playing To Learn) has raised $96k; the cost to fund including the optional donation to support DC is $111k, so they're showing as $15k short (more or less)…but the amount to fund JUST the playground shows as $94k. My question is: do these kids get their playground??

  • Lulu says:

    I believe that the donations to DonorsChoose are decided by the donor (15% by default included in your donation), so if you donated $10 to the playground project and didn't mess with the allocation, $1.50 went to DC and $8.50 went to the project itself. The money for DonorsChoose has already been donated out of the given donations so far.

    So let's everybody plug away at that playground :/

  • scout1222 says:

    Ms. Wong is running out of time on her I Have A Dream project! I grew up in the LA city schools, so threw my hat into her ring. Help her out!

  • Molly says:

    mrs_f – my understanding is that they don't, yet, since part of the $96K donated was specifically earmarked for DC support. That is, they don't fund the project first, then take whatever's left over for DC support. Instead, when a donor checks that "optional 15%" box, it's like 85% of that person's donation gets dropped into the project's envelope and the other 15% immediately gets dropped into DC's envelope, and there's no moving money from one envelope to the other. (Likewise, my understanding of the FAQ on the site is that if a donor declines to check the 15% box, not only does their entire donation get credited to the project, but the required amount of DC support gets reduced, so it's not like there's a DC-support shortfall there that has to get made up by other donors.)

  • LaSalleUGirl says:

    Just realized I had $210 in credits sitting in my Donors Choose account (a combo of monthly donations and a refund for a project that didn't get fully funded). And that's on top of the money I had budgeted to spend today. Woohoohoo! Let's fund some projects!

  • Lenea says:

    I want to personally thank the Tomato Nation for helping to find my GrowLab DonorsChoose project! It was a nice surprise to wake up this morning, on the last day of school, and find the project completely funded! Thank you Tomato Nation!
    With gratitude,

  • coleBlue says:

    I did not got to prom, but I will donate in honor of my part time job becoming a full time job.

  • Sarah says:

    I just saw we have less than $3k to go to finish our goal, and after spending money on myself today, I went ahead and kicked in another $50 to projects tonight. Pushing all my friends and family to help out as well. We're so close!

  • Cij says:

    15 minutes to go, $82 shy of 50K- You can do this, Nation!!

  • Sarah says:

    We did it!!! Woo hoo!!!

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