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Goin' All The Way, Day 6: Pose for photos

Submitted by on May 20, 2013 – 7:55 AM3 Comments


Welcome back, generous Nation. You kept busy over the weekend! (One of you in particular. Get it, E.) More than 20K donated, more than 15K students reached — and 144 projects completed! You'll hit that 50K prom finish line in no time, so keep at it!

Today, we return to those cringey days of yesteryear: bubble skirts, ruffly shirts, Gunne Sax and frizzy hair, all memorialized in our prom photos. I wore black pantyhose with a fuchsia dress and bolero jacket; didn't put my hair up. Not cute. Much cuter: helping kids out by donating to photography-adjacent projects! Like, for instance, color toner for photo projects; books that paint a picture of American history; a laminator to preserve precious photos; a document cameramaps and globes to picture the world; and of course our old friend Fred the flexible skeleton, to whom the camera does NOT add ten pounds.

Today's prize: two (2) $25 gift cards to B&H Photo and Video. And if we can hit 22K by 3 PM ET, I'll throw in a sur-prize as well.

Get updated info on prizing here; donate right here; and forward your receipts to bunting at tomatonation dot com to enter for loot! It's Prom Week, folks; let's do it.

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