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Update: 10/23, 9:40 AM

Submitted by on October 23, 2008 – 9:41 AM10 Comments

75K and change at the moment; just waiting for the match to go into the system. Great, great work; it's much easier from here, I think, which is nice with just a week left.

Today, before I investigate ordering the tomato costume, I'd like to offer a mini-prize: anyone donating to "Paper Is Gold" OR "Engage My Students with Great American Literature" (the Steinbeck project) is eligible to win a copy of The Wire Season 4 on DVD. Twenty other peeps will get a TN/DC bumper sticker or TN pens, their choice. If you have already donated to one of these projects, you may re-forward me your receipt for consideration in this mini-prize.

We're at 900 donors currently; let's try to get to a thousand.

Don't forget to check the updated prizing page!

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  • Liz R. says:

    Yay! Okay, I donated, but I forgot my credit cards and stuff so I decided to send a check. Do I send you the little conformation email I just got that's all "We look forward to recieving your check!" Or do I send you whatever they email me when they actually get it? Forgive me if you've answered this before.

  • Jennifer says:

    I was absolutely heartbroken to read that a teacher had to solicit assistance to buy paper because she was only given ONE ream! I hope that this project helps the kids in Ms. K's class gain an appreciation for Bio that I never quite had. . .

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    @Liz: The "we look forward to" email is fine. Thanks!

  • KPP says:

    Whee, I just tossed a few more dollars at a Knifty Knitters project after spending part of the weekend crafting myself. We can make that $100,000! At the risk of gloating…we're totally leaving the other blogs in the dust.

  • Erin says:

    I thought you owned the tomato costume from last year?

  • Talix18 says:

    I just finished up the "Yoga as Empowerment" project but the "Double your impact" logos didn't appear until after I'd finished. Will my donation be matched? (It was post-$75K.)

  • Talix18 says:

    Ignore that last message – the next post answered my question!

  • Margaret in CO says:

    Just topped off the Steinbeck—
    (couldn't resist, I love that guy!)

  • squandra says:

    I hope you didn't answer this elsewhere … When/where do you announce the mini-prize winners?

    I'm beyond pleased just to be a part of the effort, obvs. But I can't help myself — I love The Wire.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Mini-prize winners are notified via email. That one hasn't been selected yet, so no worries, but if you're worried that you missed a communication, make sure your spam trap accepts email from my domain.

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