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The Aristocrats
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Sarah Silverman, I salute you. It's kind of a cheap laugh, but she doesn't bail out of it, I'll give her that. …This one's a bit long, given the material, and I don't know who …

The Anniversary Party
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

A good movie with a great cast that is hella hard to watch. If you rent it, definitely listen to the commentary track, which can be a bit inside but is still really informative. (10/27/06)

Anne Frank: The Whole Story
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

It's very long and very bleak, but quite well done for this kind of thing — not too mawkish, doesn't hit the notes too hard. Kingsley is excellent. (1/3/06)

Animal House
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I'd never seen it all the way through before. I'd expected to feel kind of "eh" about it, but I like Peter Riegert's dry delivery more and more, and I really liked Boon and Otter's …

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Heeeeee hee hee. Not every joke works, but enough of them do, and Tim Robbins's hair alone is worth the price of the ticket. High-larious. The best part is watching Paul Rudd when he's not …

American Splendor
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I'd read enough sterling reviews that I half expected to be disappointed, or think it was gimmicky, but it's really good, and Paul Giamatti has deserved this kind of star turn for a while now. …

Amazon Women on the Moon
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Just completely and irredeemably terrible, with the possible exception of David Alan Grier. It's like the worst SNL sketches in history all strung together, AND you glimpse Ed Begley Jr.'s penis, which GOOD GOD NO! …

All The Pretty Horses
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

(Don't ask. It's for work.) Blech. I loved the book, and the elements of the movie are not bad — except for Penelope Cruz, who just is not an actress — but put together, it …

You're Missin' a Great Game
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Herzog is off-puttingly self-congratulatory, and I wish he hadn't bothered mentioning all the players he could tell had drug problems if he's not going to name some damn names, and I know it's the fashion …

A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Hated it. Stomped on it when I finished reading it. Condescending, priggish, hypocritical, poorly written pap. Loathsome book.