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Permanent Midnight
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Some of the prose is a little in love with itself, but justifiably; just when I start to get annoyed by the more anvilicious parallel-drawing, he'll switch gears and evoke a scene so vividly that …

March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Excellent; Bugliosi is so forthright and bitchy about the mistakes the prosecution made, and so forceful in his condemnation of everyone involved in the OJ case, not least OJ, that it's quite a thrilling read. …

One of Us: Conjoined Twins and the Future of Normal
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Interesting, and well written, but the lecturing tone about "normate assumptions" et al. got old after awhile; she tends to slip into this mode where she's chastising the reader for staring, but then in the …

O.K. You Mugs: Writers on Movie Actors
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

It's a collection, as you might imagine, of writings about movie actors, many of whom I hadn't heard of; I skipped parts of it because I really didn't care, and a lot of the writing …

Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

It's fascinating, and maddening, and disheartening, but very good, especially if you lived through girl-on-girl bullying yourself (which, who didn't). Some of Simmons's terminology is a little new-agey for my taste, but that's a minor …

October Men
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I seem to remember enjoying Kahn's baseball writing in the past — I know I read The Boys of Summer years ago — but this one is too fond of itself by half and goes …

NYPD: Stories of Survival from the World's Toughest Beat
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Can someone explain to me, please, how it is that pieces which previously appeared in reputable publications with copy editors then wind up riddled with typos in a compilation? Argh. It's really hard for me …

Note Found in a Bottle
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

It's a really good, fast read; the directness of the prose reminds me of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, and also of Joan Didion, but it's less mannered than either of those two. A lot of …

Nobody's Perfect
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Really wonderful work by Anthony Lane; the movie reviews are top-notch, the book section is chewy but not too dense, and the piece on the bestseller list circa 1994 made me giggle out loud at …

Nine Innings
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Okrent's diction gets a little high for the subject sometimes, but it's very accessible, and because it's about a single game in 1982, all these baseball names from my childhood keep popping up and making …