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8 Ball Chicks
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

It's a semi-depressing read, but Sikes's prose stays out of the way of the subject, which is impressive in a book about girl gangs; occasionally she editorializes and you're like, "Yeah, we get it," but …

Edie: American Girl
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I'd had this for ages; New York (…I think) happened to recommend it in the current issue; I was bored last night, grabbed it, and read it in more or less one sitting. I love …

Dry: A Memoir
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Like I did Running With Scissors, I read this in one day, and I love his writing; it's so conversational and clean, like a friend's house where everything is just so, but lived in, too. …

Drinking: A Love Story
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Caroline Knapp is such a wonderful writer — direct and exact, unfussy, and it's so difficult to talk about things like addiction and self-loathing, particularly as they affect women, without getting bogged down in the …

Don't Look Now
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I'd seen the movie and I'd read other DuMaurier, and I'm not sure why she's not better known; all the stories are quite suspenseful and only dated in the charming way. It's an excellent plane …

Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I want to kick Judge Burnett in the shins. Great book, though — very well written.

Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

I can't recommend it enough. Cometbus started out as a punk-show 'zine and evolved into a sort of Samuel Pepys-type chronicle by the pseudonymous Aaron Cometbus, and his writing is direct and funny and lyrical …

Daughter of the Saints: Growing Up In Polygamy
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Should have been more interesting than it was — it was evocative in parts, but often, Solomon is very clearly trying to be lyrical, but falls into cliches and works against herself. The writing isn't …

The Culture of Fear
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

You might remember Barry Glassner from Bowling for Columbine; I'd had his book on my wishlist for a while, but after seeing the movie, I motivated and bought it, and it's very good. It's thorough …

C'mon, Get Happy
March 5, 2007 · No Comment

Read it in one day. I got the feeling from the Behind The Music on David Cassidy, who came off as twelve-steppily full of himself all "I'm a survivor!", that the book would be more …