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The Vine: January 15, 2002
January 15, 2002 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
My problem is one that seems like it should be so obvious to solve. I get clingy and needy when I am with a guy. It frustrates the hell out of me. I am …

Deliberate This
January 14, 2002 · No Comment

Today, my fellow jurors and I heard the fifth day of testimony in the case. Today, my fellow jurors and I watched as the courtroom turned into A/V Club, with videos and x-rays and dry-erase …

The Vine: January 11, 2002
January 11, 2002 · No Comment

Help me out here…I know the honest truth in the situation but I think I need to hear it said. Okay?
I share an apartment with my best friend for the past year. Only problem…we have …

The Vine: January 10, 2002
January 10, 2002 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Here's my problem:
I have a friend I haven't talked to in a few weeks. It all started with her giving me a birthday present, and me not thanking her for it within three days. …

Oh, It's Blind, All Right
January 9, 2002 · No Comment

I have a good relationship with the doormen in my building. We chit-chat about baseball; we gossip about the other people in the building. I don't tell anyone when I round a corner and see …

The Vine: December 27, 2001
December 27, 2001 · No Comment

I have met a great guy — The One, I think, and he thinks I am that person for him also.We've only been dating a short time — less than a month — but the …

The Tooth Is Out There
December 17, 2001 · No Comment

As Wing Chun pointed out on Fametracker last week, Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star in the world right now. Everyone in the English-speaking world recognizes his face; everyone in the English-speaking world can …

The Vine: December 14, 2001
December 14, 2001 · No Comment

Hi Sars,
I need a bit of a point in the right direction, and from what I've seen you're the person who can probably come up with the right way to go.
Six months ago, my best …

The Vine: December 13, 2001
December 13, 2001 · No Comment

I have a problem and no one to talk to about it. Everyone I know is too concerned with their own lives at the moment to give a crap about what I'm going through. So, …

The Vine: December 12, 2001
December 12, 2001 · No Comment

I need help with my husband and his predilection for porn.
There was a time about five or six years ago that we would read erotic fiction to enhance our sex lives.But as our relationship continued, …