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January 19, 2001 · One Comment

I made a couple of New Year's resolutions this year. I don't bother, ordinarily, since the average New Year's resolution is pointless, unrealistic, and destined to go the way of the Edsel by Valentine's Day, …

The Vine: January 18, 2001
January 18, 2001 · No Comment

The whole "younger men suck" thing is overrated. Yeah, some of them do, but not all, by any means.
My husband and I started dating when he was 21 and I was 26. We've been together …

The Vine: January 17, 2001
January 17, 2001 · No Comment

Hey Sars.
I've been having a problem with a friend of mine — or ex-friend — I don't really know. We were good friends for three years throughout college (I graduated last year, he's graduating this …

The Vine: January 16, 2001
January 16, 2001 · No Comment

I need some advice — do you think there is something wrong with an older woman/younger man relationship? There is a seven-year age difference between us — I really like him a lot, we have …

The Vine: January 12, 2001
January 12, 2001 · No Comment

I think I've been trying to avoid asking this question for a long time, but at this point, I think I need an outside, objective opinion. This is another one of those will-this-long-distance-relationship-work type of …

The Vine: January 11, 2001
January 11, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
I'm not writing on my own behalf so much as I am for my SO, in a sense, but my question is: is it possible that he's been abused in the past, and if …

The Vine: January 10, 2001
January 10, 2001 · No Comment

Hi Sarah!
I have a problem. My best friend Beth is leaving tomorrow for a whole year – I'm traumatized, because we both live in a huge city where I'm having trouble making new friends, and …

The Vine: January 9, 2001
January 9, 2001 · No Comment

I'm dating a guy whom I'd been friends with for over a year before we got together. I enjoy his company on a level that has previously been unknown to me. He's an amazing guy: …

The Vine: January 5, 2001
January 5, 2001 · No Comment

Hi Sarah,Over the summer I met a boy. His name is Ben. Ben and I started spending time together and our personalities really clicked. I felt comfortable around him quicker than I usually do around …

The Vine: January 4, 2001
January 4, 2001 · No Comment

Hi Sarah -Okay, here's the trouble. Online romance. A couple of years ago I started corresponding with a woman about 1,000 miles away. She's gorgeous, smart, funny, amiable, aligned in politics. We e-mailed every day …