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Dear Old Golden Rule Days
September 19, 2000 · No Comment

I always marked off my childhood summers according to clearly delineated dates. The countdown to getting out of school started at Memorial Day, and then a couple of weeks later, school let out, and we …

Picture Imperfect
September 19, 2000 · No Comment
Picture Imperfect

I do not like having my picture taken. Yeah, yeah, everyone says that, and everyone groans when they see pictures of themselves – "Like, could I look any fatter?" and "Okay, they keep talking about …

Hobey, Come Home
September 19, 2000 · No Comment

It started on Thursday night when Hobey went into The Throw-Up Crouch. Cat owners everywhere know The Throw-Up Crouch: the cat is going about his business, surveying his domain or taking a nap or administering …

The Vine: September 8, 2000
September 8, 2000 · No Comment

Okay Sarah,I am a radical, embittered undergraduate student in creative writing, emphasis on poetry (as you can tell, I have yet to master grammar). Lately I've been in need of a vision quest, something that …

The Vine: September 7, 2000
September 7, 2000 · No Comment

Hey…I am a twenty-year-old chica who is stressing big time. I have finished two and a half years of college and I just took a quarter off. My problem is that with the fall quarter …

The Vine: September 6, 2000
September 6, 2000 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,I once had a friend who was very dear to me…I will call her E. The three of us (including my younger sister) have stayed best friends for over ten years even though she …

The Vine: September 5, 2000
September 5, 2000 · No Comment

…and in the drama since I sent you that email, I forgot all about it – thought you'd like the update. First off, your advice was excellent, thank you. The person who wrote suggesting my …

The Vine: September 4, 2000
September 4, 2000 · No Comment

Hi Sarah,It's not my usual policy to write regarding messages in your advice column; usually your insight and suggestions are excellent anyway. While I think your advice to Suddenly Alone was not substandard, I don't …

The Vine: September 1, 2000
September 1, 2000 · No Comment

Okay, so I've been married for three months. My husband's been having a rough time lately. His job is incredibly stressful. The man who has been a father figure to him all his life has …

The Vine: August 31, 2000
August 31, 2000 · No Comment

My boyfriend and I have been going out for over a year now and I love him to bits but he's so frustrating.At the moment we are on a one-week break trying to sort out …