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The Vine: April 23, 2001
April 23, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Yesterday, I attended the Red Sox/Yankees game with someone I had never met before, but with whom I had had some previous email conversations. So as you could imagine, we spent a good deal …

The Vine: April 20, 2001
April 20, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Love your site, especially love The Vine. When I read the letter from "Argh," all sorts of bells and alarms went off. The fact that she said that she has been diagnosed with ADD …

Movie Madness
April 20, 2001 · No Comment

Last night — the night of the first truly warm day of spring — I couldn't get to sleep. That happens to me a lot on Sunday nights. I settle into bed with a book, …

Film Fatal
April 20, 2001 · No Comment

And now, part two of my examination of the AFI Greatest 100 Films Of All Time list…although I don't know if it's an examination so much as a display of my ignorance of classic film. …

45 Reasons To Hail The Return Of Yankee Baseball
April 20, 2001 · No Comment

1. The return of warm weather.
2. …followed by the return of hot weather…
3. …followed by the return of "it's too damn hot and sticky to do a damn thing except lie on the floor in …

Midday Express
April 20, 2001 · No Comment

You could say, "Oh, come on, now," to the rain as you and Gustave walk to Penn Station. Then you could comment that your hair already looks like a terrifying cross between Willow's on Buffy …

The Vine: April 19, 2001
April 19, 2001 · No Comment

Hi Sarah,
Well, here's as abbreviated a version as I could manage of what I have to say to "Confused" with the Muslim boyfriend:
Dear Confused,
Your letter set off all kinds of warning bells for me. I'm …

The Vine: April 18, 2001
April 18, 2001 · No Comment

This is more of a hindsight-type advice asking, but here goes. I've known "Cindy" for a number of years, and she was always a fun friend to hang around with. Quite a few years ago, …

The Vine: April 17, 2001
April 17, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
Some time ago, I found out I was pregnant. I'd only been dating the father of this baby for two months, but things had already gotten pretty serious between us. And while I fully …

The Vine: April 16, 2001
April 16, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Vine:
I think I should start off by saying that when it comes to men, I am about as introverted and shy as they come. And knowing that my friends seem to find endless amounts …