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The Vine: July 5, 2000
July 5, 2000 · No Comment

Here is my situation. I was supposed to move into this house. A week and a half before I was to move, I became very uncomfortable with the landlords and how they were handling some …

The Vine: June 22, 2000
June 22, 2000 · No Comment

I just finished taking a course in creative writing at Stanford.Everybody wore black and looked moody.I wore a Hawaiian shirt and shorts – and I was happy.I've now signed up for a "fundamentals of acting" …

The Vine: June 21, 2000
June 21, 2000 · No Comment

My best friend of I don't know how many years started dating a new guy about seven months ago.Within weeks they had exchanged "I love you"s, and within months she had packed up and moved …

The Vine: June 20, 2000
June 20, 2000 · No Comment

I just read the latest Vine, and I have to disagree with you.An invitation to a wedding or any other event in no way obligates you to give a gift.You give someone a gift because …

The Final Frontier
June 19, 2000 · No Comment

A couple of years ago, the Biscuit became mildly obsessed with original Star Trek. A video store near his apartment carried the whole series, and I must say that, while I do miss a few …

Schlemiel World
June 19, 2000 · No Comment

I spent most of the weekend held hostage by a Real World marathon on MTV. At least I had an excuse this time – I had to tape the Boston season in its entirety for …

What's In A Name?
June 19, 2000 · No Comment

I am cheap. I am also an inveterate impulse buyer with a hillock of credit-card debt, and I will probably wind up with "the Will Rogers of shoes" carved on my tombstone, given that I …

Mysteries Of The Brain
June 19, 2000 · No Comment

Back in the day, my childhood best friend Agent Weiss and I practically lived outdoors during our free time, roaming the neighborhood, gathering flowers and amusing rocks, scoping out potential fort locations, crashing our bicycles …

The Vine: June 19, 2000
June 19, 2000 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
I was invited to a wedding by a childhood friend of mine who I haven't been in touch with or seen in four years.My entire family is attending although I don't feel like going.There's …

The Vine: June 17, 2000
June 17, 2000 · No Comment

And now, a member of the theater community comments on a previous letter…

As a theatrical director and producer, let me just pass on to you that the girl in [yesterday's] Vine shouldn't put herself in …