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Madonna, The Child
March 16, 1998 · No Comment

I remember the first time that I really became aware of Madonna’s existence. During my elementary school and junior high school years, my parents did not allow me to have the radio on while I …

Love Me, Love My Eighties Tapes
February 16, 1998 · No Comment

Back in college, after a night of standing around in some taproom or other, occasionally I had the good fortune to bring some unsuspecting boy back to my room for a little bit of smooching. …

Nagano Mercy
February 16, 1998 · No Comment

My father despises Jimmy Carter. Not that he has an ongoing love affair with the rest of the Democratic Party either, but he reserves the full weight of his contempt for Carter. A time-honored "Dinnertime …

Holy Matrimony, Batman!
February 16, 1998 · No Comment

In elementary school, my best friend and I played elaborate games of dress-up involving our mothers’ cast-off clothes and shoes, and when I look back at some of the scenarios we imagined ourselves inhabiting, I …

Spanking Baby New Year
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

Once again, the overrated kerfuffle of New Year’s has descended upon us. Bloated with Christmas cookies and eggnog, crushed beneath the accumulated debt of profligate holiday spending, and driven to the edge of madness by …

Throw Her Back
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

Last week, I caught a cold. Despite my prickly exterior, I have a basically generous nature, so I passed my upper respiratory infection along to the Disco Biscuit. When Friday night arrived, we both had …

Ow, Quit It
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

As a teenager, I didn’t really go to shows. First of all, most of the groups and performers I listened to in high school had either died or broken up before I was even born. …

Watch The Teeth
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

I can’t imagine that I have to fill any of you in on the gory details of l’affaire Lewinsky, since the media saturation level has begun to make the OJ Simpson trial look like a …

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

It all began when I walked into Tiger Schulmann's Karate Center on 19th Street. I don't know why I decided to go in and have a look-see. Maybe I wanted a new and exciting workout …

Trebek Est Morte, Vive Trebek
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

To: All And Sundry
From: J. Cortlandt Higginbotham, Head Writer, Jeopardy!
Re: New Format
Dear Fellow Jeopardy! Writers,
Welcome back from the holiday break — I hope you all feel relaxed and ready to tackle a new season.
As you …