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Throw Her Back
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

Last week, I caught a cold. Despite my prickly exterior, I have a basically generous nature, so I passed my upper respiratory infection along to the Disco Biscuit. When Friday night arrived, we both had …

Ow, Quit It
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

As a teenager, I didn’t really go to shows. First of all, most of the groups and performers I listened to in high school had either died or broken up before I was even born. …

Watch The Teeth
January 16, 1998 · No Comment

I can’t imagine that I have to fill any of you in on the gory details of l’affaire Lewinsky, since the media saturation level has begun to make the OJ Simpson trial look like a …

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

It all began when I walked into Tiger Schulmann's Karate Center on 19th Street. I don't know why I decided to go in and have a look-see. Maybe I wanted a new and exciting workout …

Trebek Est Morte, Vive Trebek
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

To: All And Sundry
From: J. Cortlandt Higginbotham, Head Writer, Jeopardy!
Re: New Format
Dear Fellow Jeopardy! Writers,
Welcome back from the holiday break — I hope you all feel relaxed and ready to tackle a new season.
As you …

Let Us Give Thanks
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

Thanksgiving — a holiday devoted to the uniquely American pastime of gratuitous overindulgence. But much though I love the gut-busting element of this celebration, I feel as though I should give some thanks for various …

Heaven On Earth
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

Five years ago, I broke up with a boy. I went out with this boy for only a brief time — three months — but somehow I had managed to fall in love with him. …

Greenie Meanies
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

The other day, the Disco Biscuit bought me a present. Apparently, nothing says "I love you" like fattening food, because he got me a box of Girl Scout Cookies.
And now, a medium-length sidebar on my …

Less Is Moore
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

G.I. Jane, since opening nationwide a few weeks ago, has done a decent business at the box office. G.I. Jane — a movie that should never have survived the pitch meeting, with a star that …

Jane D'oh!
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

I picked up a copy of the new women's magazine on the block, published by Jane Pratt and handily titled JANE, last week. I have to admit that I fell for the advertising campaign — …