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Less Is Moore
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

G.I. Jane, since opening nationwide a few weeks ago, has done a decent business at the box office. G.I. Jane — a movie that should never have survived the pitch meeting, with a star that …

Jane D'oh!
March 11, 1997 · No Comment

I picked up a copy of the new women's magazine on the block, published by Jane Pratt and handily titled JANE, last week. I have to admit that I fell for the advertising campaign — …

Witness This (or, "What A Friend We Have In Jesus")
March 11, 1996 · One Comment

Last Sunday, after a high-octane brunch which derived its only nutritional value from the ketchup on my homefries, I snagged a Times and holed up in my apartment to celebrate the fact that Big Brother …

The MTV Video Music Awards Diaries
March 11, 1996 · 3 Comments

Close your eyes.Inhale fully…okay, now exhale.Continue to breathe deeply and evenly as you form a picture in your mind of a giant carpeted junior high homeroom where everyone has a cell phone.Welcome to the 1997 …

The Vegas Diaries
March 11, 1996 · No Comment

Allow me to introduce myself — Sarah D. Bunting, CD-ROM development editrix by day, heckler at life's rich pageant by night.Below, the sad true tale of my trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las …

TV Nation
March 11, 1996 · No Comment

I love television.Despite the fact that the vast majority of television programming inspires your brain cells to say things like "fuck this — I'm outta here" to each other before battering themselves to death against …

The Tulsa Diaries
March 11, 1996 · No Comment

My father woke me up at 5 AM and we trucked to Newark Airport.I boarded the plane and fell fast asleep despite a pre-flight cup of coffee that had the potency (not to mention …

Truth In Advertising
March 11, 1996 · No Comment

The other day, I strolled over to Blockbuster to return a video.On the way there, I wondered to myself how I should address The "Hi" Problem.The "Hi" Problem arises whenever I enter Blockbuster.Apparently, one of …

The Too Much Information Desk
March 11, 1996 · No Comment

In his excellent piece in March's Vanity Fair entitled "The Death of Shame," Christopher Hitchens related David Letterman's attempt to interrupt Howard Stern in the middle of an orgasm:
"Letterman, who I'm sure would rather die …

Take Five…Please: Why So Many Hate The Spice Girls So Much
March 11, 1996 · No Comment

A few years ago, the sister of a friend of mine came up with an interesting theory about Hootie and the Blowfish.I don't know remember how she devised this hypothesis — the mind of a …