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Simon Says Stay Curious

Submitted by on February 10, 2016 – 11:20 AM2 Comments


A short film co-starring Dirk Birthworthy.

Dirk has a role in a F*It Club Film Race short. He's the bouncer/snowman-"joke" guy. Have a look!

I adore that projects like F*It exist. I know I can bang on about the short iterations of media, whether film or stories, not getting enough respect, and I'm gratified — especially with my short attention span — to see that shifting in the realms of podcasts and Kindle Singles. It's such a cool opportunity to create and collaborate, a little bit outside the lines.

It's the anniversary of my Aunt B's birth today. She would have been 77. She would totally have gone to the F*It screening, to support Dirk but also because she loved this kind of thing; Mr. S and I have had several conversations in which we tried to think of some artsy thing we might do that she and Uncle T wouldn't have shown up to check out, and we couldn't think of anything (anything unbigoted, anyway). Punk show, weird screechy Nauman installation (this did happen, bless her heart), pretentioso lecture: up for it. She got out of bed every morning assuming the world would show her something, and as a result, she was right. "Anything could happen; woo hoo!" Reverend Intrepid. I miss her.

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  • Jen S 1.0 says:


    I laughed at Snowballs, and I love that alligator song!

  • Sandman says:

    She got out of bed every morning assuming the world would show her something, and as a result, she was right.

    That right there? I'm pretty sure that's the wisdom of the ages. Your aunt sounds like a wonderful person.

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