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McCarthy's Bar
March 5, 2007 – 2:02 AM | No Comment

It's very funny, and skillfully avoids a pitfall common to travel writing, namely that the diction starts to repeat itself after a while. Hilarious bits about tourists in Killarney and the non-bird that flew up …

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes
March 5, 2007 – 2:02 AM | No Comment

It's a book about, basically, how shitty it is to try to make the Olympics as a gymnast or figure skater and what a giant psychopath Bela Karolyi is. Good stuff — a little repetitive …

Leopold and Loeb: The Crime of the Century
March 5, 2007 – 2:01 AM | No Comment

Eh. Too much detail in spots, not enough in others. It's a reissue of a twenty-year-old edition, and a certain creakiness pervades the prose; the book isn't interesting enough to make it worthwhile (i.e. what …

Left Hooks, Right Crosses
March 5, 2007 – 2:01 AM | No Comment

It's really a very good book; I just had problems with putting it down and then for some reason not wanting to pick it back up again, but I'd recommend it for a well-chosen cross …

Junk English
March 5, 2007 – 2:00 AM | No Comment

I liked Ken Smith's book about social hygiene film, but this one is slight, and something about the tone isn't fun; it's hard to explain. (2/16/04)

Joy in Mudville: A Little League Memoir
March 5, 2007 – 2:00 AM | No Comment

Didn't love it. Too many digressions, too much talking about Nyack, and in spots it felt forced, especially when the author was rising above some situation or another — some of the remembrances and dialogue …

Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life
March 5, 2007 – 1:59 AM | No Comment

The Marilyn parts did not disappoint; a less gossipy person might have cared that the book just stopped cold being about Joe D and was just about Marilyn for fifty pages, but I didn't mind …

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth
March 5, 2007 – 1:58 AM | No Comment

It's beautiful, and Ware's rendering of everyday sound is amazing. But I'm never reading it again because it's so goddamn depressing. (7/11/06)

Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend
March 5, 2007 – 1:58 AM | No Comment

You'll get a better idea what I thought of the book (and its subject) in this here installment of the <a href="gbcfive.shtml" mce_href="gbcfive.shtml">Girls' Bike Club</a>, but here's a sneak preview: Shut up, Jim Morrison. (10/4/04)

Jafsie and John Henry: Essays
March 5, 2007 – 1:57 AM | No Comment

It's a strange little book of short pieces, but I like Mamet's writing so much, the way he just trusts you to keep up and in turn trust him, and he just says what he …