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Golden Girl: The Story of Jessica Savitch
March 5, 2007 – 1:55 AM | No Comment

The ending felt kind of rushed, and as I did while reading <i>Permanent Midnight</i>, I found myself wondering how someone so allegedly out of control could continue working and getting contracts renewed. But the book …

The Ghosts of Hopewell
March 5, 2007 – 1:54 AM | No Comment

In the last twenty or thirty pages, the writing improved marginally, but the book's central problem is that it claims to rebut certain theories regarding the Lindbergh case, while dismissing most of them with what …

Geek Love
March 5, 2007 – 1:54 AM | No Comment

I read it pretty much in one shot yesterday while waiting for The Invisible Verizon Man, which is good, because otherwise I don't think I would have stuck with it. Dunn's ability to nail a …

Gasping for Airtime: Two Years in the Trenches of Saturday Night Live
March 5, 2007 – 1:53 AM | No Comment

Jay Mohr's primary complaint here seems to be that he couldn't get many sketches on the air, but if the writing in this book is any indication…I mean, I know writing a book and writing …

F'd Companies
March 5, 2007 – 1:52 AM | No Comment

The book came out in '02, so it's even funnier now to read through the list of dot-bombs…although I still kind of miss Kozmo and think he was unnecessarily mean to it. I mean, absolutely …

Freaky Deaky
March 5, 2007 – 1:52 AM | No Comment

Good writing, good plotting, deeply annoying characters, especially the women. I really couldn't stand Robin, and maybe I'm not supposed to like her, but I don't enjoy spending that much time with characters who bug …

Fraud: Essays
March 5, 2007 – 1:51 AM | No Comment

I'd had this book for ages and finally grabbed it off the pile, and it's outstanding. It's like David Sedaris, in that the writing is perfectly turned and often extremely funny, but it's not quite …

The Forensic Science of CSI
March 5, 2007 – 1:51 AM | No Comment

Pretty interesting, but it only encompasses the first season — and a lot of it seems redundant if you watch the show on a regular basis. Quite well-written of its ilk, though. (1/31/04)

50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know
March 5, 2007 – 1:50 AM | No Comment

Some of the stuff I already knew from Bigger Secrets, but that the Ten Commandments most of us know aren't actually the ones on the tablets? That was news. (8/27/05)

Fiasco: A History of Hollywood's Iconic Flops
March 5, 2007 – 1:50 AM | No Comment

I wanted really badly to like this book, but…it didn't work out that way. Parish, the author, is, I think, extremely knowledgeable about film history, and I think I would enjoy talking with him about …