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The Crushed Film Festival presents: The Rules of Attraction
February 14, 2009 – 3:01 PM | 9 Comments
The Crushed Film Festival presents: <I>The Rules of Attraction</I>

by John "the Couch Baron" Ramos
The Movie: The Rules Of Attraction
The Crush Object: Ian Somerhalder
The Story: Even calling it "a story" is being generous, but basically, it's about several self-absorbed college students who drink and …

Crazy Nines: Gesundheit! (Chewiest Baseball Names)
August 26, 2008 – 9:37 AM | 12 Comments
Crazy Nines: Gesundheit! (Chewiest Baseball Names)

Let me say right up top that this is a pretty arbitrary list; not every chewy name in baseball history made the cut. Generally speaking, I included names 1) longer than ten letters, and names …

Snow White
December 12, 2002 – 2:17 PM | Comments Off on Snow White

We used to have a pretty close relationship, snow and I. Snow used to hook me up with days off school, and in return I'd defend snow to my mom, who feared everything about snow …