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ATP Hotness And Cream: Wimbledon 2014
July 1, 2014 – 8:17 AM | 10 Comments
ATP Hotness And Cream: Wimbledon 2014

The ATP Round of 16 Hotness returns to the All-England Tomato Club for the first time in two years, as my esteemed colleagues Paul Quinn, Couch Baron, and Joe R survey what is probably the …

Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: Sex & The City
June 24, 2014 – 11:38 AM | 17 Comments
Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: <em>Sex & The City</em>

In which my love-hate relationship with the Sex & The City franchise may finally pay a dividend.

The Crushed Film Festival presents: Far From Heaven
July 12, 2012 – 1:59 PM | 13 Comments
The Crushed Film Festival presents: <I>Far From Heaven</I>

The Movie: Far From Heaven
The Crush Object: Dennis Quaid
The Story: Cathy Whitaker (Julianne Moore) has the perfect late-'50s life — married to a TV-company exec (Quaid), admired by friends and society-page scribes for her flawlessly …

ATP Hotness and Cream: Wimbledon 2012
July 2, 2012 – 8:28 AM | 10 Comments
ATP Hotness and Cream: Wimbledon 2012

Tomato Nation is hosting the ATP Round of 16 Hotness for the first time. It's an honor! But also a grind, as many of our traditional favorites were ousted in the first week of play, …

Elsewhere in the Tomatoverse: Brooklyn Girls and tennis boys
June 6, 2012 – 8:55 PM | No Comment
Elsewhere in the Tomatoverse: Brooklyn <I>Girls</I> and tennis boys

In case you missed 'em, 1) Couch Baron, Joe R, and I ranked the French Open's Round of 16ers over at the baronial blog. A triumph for Tipsarevic, backhand-orgasm face, and not one but TWO …

Death Is Not An Option: Hoarders Cleaning Specialist Edition
March 1, 2012 – 10:51 PM | 35 Comments
Death Is Not An Option: <I>Hoarders</I> Cleaning Specialist Edition

Tough call. I love Matt Paxton's podcast; I love sassy Matt Paxton, period. And Cory Chalmers is maybe still trying to figure out his facial hair (that goatee was catastrophic), plus…a grown man named "Cory." …

Other Desert Cities: Salting the earth
February 8, 2012 – 3:59 PM | 8 Comments
<I>Other Desert Cities</I>: Salting the earth

I really liked the performances, except for one, and I really liked the overall play, until the last 15 minutes. The first thing is not fatal to most plays, and it isn't to Other Desert …

26/31: The Interrupters
December 27, 2011 – 8:58 PM | 3 Comments
26/31: <I>The Interrupters</I>

Steve James documentaries get you inside. By the end of a James film — Hoop Dreams, Stevie, the inexplicably non-shortlisted The Interrupters — you know the subjects like cousins. You care what happens to them, …

9/31: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
December 9, 2011 – 2:13 PM | 22 Comments
9/31: <I>Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</I>

It has all the tools for a great movie: a good old-fashioned '70s-Cold-War-paranoia plot; a roster of fantastic actors and Hey, It's That Guys, including Colin Firth, Ciaran Hinds, John Hurt, and the dude who …

Back to School: High Art, SLaP, and more
September 8, 2011 – 6:57 AM | 13 Comments
Back to School: <I>High Art</I>, SLaP, and more

A roundup of what I've written and watched recently…