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Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: The Magnificent Seven
May 13, 2014 – 9:02 PM | 7 Comments
Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: <em>The Magnificent Seven</em>

The Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame is kicking it old-school this time around with a nominee from reader Jan: The Magnificent Seven.

Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: The Hunt For Red October
May 2, 2014 – 9:34 AM | 28 Comments
Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: <em>The Hunt For Red October</em>

Welcome back to the pleasant and relaxed Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame, friends! Today's nominee is brought to us by reader Craig: The Hunt For Red October.

Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: Diner
April 27, 2014 – 9:20 AM | 4 Comments
Poppy-Fields Movie Couch Of Fame: <em>Diner</em>

I struggled with which movie to plop onto the Couch Of Fame with an afghan and a sleeve of Thin Mints first. A classic universally acknowledged, like The Godfather? A flawed but appealing baseball flick …

Bang The Drum Slowly (…not THAT slowly)
April 6, 2014 – 8:42 PM | 13 Comments
<em>Bang The Drum Slowly</em> (…not THAT slowly)

Bruce Pearson (Robert De Niro), C-plus catcher for the New York Mammoths, finds out before the season begins that he has terminal Hodgkin's lymphoma. The only other person he entrusts with the information is his …

Elsewhere In The Tomatoverse: Moving The Chains
February 12, 2014 – 9:51 PM | No Comment
Elsewhere In The Tomatoverse: Moving The Chains

Football, figure skating, and France.

Her: Now we know how
January 13, 2014 – 11:20 AM | 9 Comments
<em>Her</em>: Now we know how

It's the little things about Her.

The Vine: January 3, 2014
January 3, 2014 – 7:51 AM | 17 Comments
The Vine: January 3, 2014

I could use some help finding a YA series from you and your readers.

To The Wonder: Malick Pixie Dream Girls
December 17, 2013 – 10:00 AM | 4 Comments
<em>To The Wonder</em>: Malick Pixie Dream Girls

Terrence Malick's storytelling style is so valuable; it creates so many opportunities and points of view. It opens things up. But it opens itself up to parody so easily, and it's difficult for any other …

Nebraska: Dreams from his father
December 16, 2013 – 9:15 AM | One Comment
<em>Nebraska</em>: Dreams from his father

Woody Grant (Bruce Dern), a disheveled and mulishly taciturn alcoholic, is determined to get from Billings, MT to Lincoln, NE to collect the magazine sweepstakes he's sure he's won.

Tiger Eyes
September 22, 2013 – 10:44 AM | 14 Comments
<em>Tiger Eyes</em>

"Second-Act Problems" is not a spirit animal, folks.