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"It Was More About The Effort To Survive": A Chat About Everybody Loves Our Town
August 20, 2015 – 8:50 AM | 4 Comments
"It Was More About The Effort To Survive": A Chat About <em>Everybody Loves Our Town</em>

Mark Blankenship joins me to talk about Mark Yarm's oral history of grunge.

Whither The Funky Bunch?
November 16, 2011 – 1:15 PM | 34 Comments
Whither The Funky Bunch?

You know what song you don't hear much anymore? "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. You do hear it sometimes, like at the nail salon, but you don't hear it much, because …

The Vine: October 28, 2011
October 28, 2011 – 1:16 PM | 13 Comments
The Vine: October 28, 2011

Sometime in the early '90s, there was a wave of New Country — Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, that gang. And there was a song that I LOVED. But I can't remember very much about it, …

The NC Double Scrooge Finals: Dash Away All
December 22, 2010 – 11:56 AM | 36 Comments
The NC Double Scrooge Finals: Dash Away All

The moment has come, my embittered and exhausted friends. Pull your eyes away from UPS's tracking screen, yank that contested length of ribbon away from the feline in your life, and vote for the nadir …

The NC Double Scrooge: Songbook Division
December 15, 2010 – 9:22 AM | 154 Comments
The NC Double Scrooge: Songbook Division

I've made my feelings about various Christmas songs clear elsewhere, so I won't belabor the point, but today's the day in the NC Double Scrooge on which we formally censure the holiday tunes we hate …

Strange Frequency
August 23, 2010 – 9:37 AM | 11 Comments
<I>Strange Frequency</I>

I stood in front of the DVD player for a good ninety seconds, staring at Strange Frequency's Netflix sleeve and wondering why in the name of beer and skittles I had put an Erik Palladino …

Damn Millionaires Show, Saturday 8/7/10
August 5, 2010 – 10:02 AM | 3 Comments
Damn Millionaires Show, Saturday 8/7/10

Hey, friends — The Damn Millionaires have come to town, and you should totally come out to see them play the stage at King Killer Studios (Mr. Stupidhead filling in on bass!). Also featuring Dan …

Anti-Word Of The Day: "rave-up"
June 14, 2010 – 10:25 PM | 32 Comments
Anti-Word Of The Day: "rave-up"

The Anti-Word Of The Day is, as you have probably guessed, not a word or term I want to catch on, but rather one which I would like to drop headfirst into a vat of …

The Vine: March 31, 2010
March 31, 2010 – 2:57 PM | 20 Comments
The Vine: March 31, 2010

It's another on-the-road Ask The Readers; today's theme is missing songs. Go!
Hoping one your readers can help.
Years ago I was a nanny — the kids had a great cassette tape (this proves it was years …

Posters and vampires
December 8, 2009 – 9:16 PM | 9 Comments
Posters and vampires

From Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth:
Morrison was immortalized first by death at 27 and then by three generations of college kids who needed a poster to cover up a creepy-looking stain in their dorm …