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The Vine: March 25, 2010

Submitted by on March 25, 2010 – 8:35 AM19 Comments

Hello Sarah and readers!

I once came across a very good cover, by Badly Drawn Boy, of "Come On Eileen." I found it here. Listen to it! It's very good. And then please tell me where I can download it. Legally.

I want to buy that song so I can listen to it whenever I want, without an internet connection. I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE. This seems like it should be simple, but my internet skills have failed me and I am mystified.

Any leads would be much appreciated! That song is so good.

My thoughts, I confess, verge on dirty

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  • mrs f says:

    This is a super-fun cover. But then, it would have to be since the original is nothing if not super-fun. Anyway, Amazon UK indicates these sellers have the album available, if that helps.

  • Kelly says:

    It looks like Badly Drawn Boy sings Come on Eileen with Jools Holland, and the track is included on the album 1 Love. I could only find it as an import:

  • Mo says:

    The absolute BEST cover of this song I've heard is by a band called Kilt. They're Canadian (from the East Coast) and I don't know where a person can find the song online (I looked!), but if you can, you'll love it!

  • lauren says:

    As I grew up in the OC, the "Come On Eileen" cover that springs to mind for me is the one by Save Ferris, and it is now in my head (gah!). Good luck with your search – the Badly Drawn Boy version is lovely!

  • LynzM says:

    @Mo – love Kilt!! I so wish that they were still a band, so I could go see them.

  • Elsajeni says:

    The title "Come On Eileen" drives me crazy, because it is SO URGENTLY in need of a comma.

  • Beth says:

    Yes it's definitely the version on the One Love album. It's a charidee release and has some GREAT covers on.

  • Sandman says:

    Elsajeni, I feel your pain.

  • Soylent Green says:

    Unless it doesn't need the comma because the protagonist wants to…never mind. It's spelt wrong. And gross.

    And now I'd like to apologise for ruining that song for everyone

  • Louisa says:

    Soylent Green, I was thinking the same thing to work around the need for a comma. And it is NOT spelled wrong, I hate when people spell that word that way. Grah!

  • Letter Writer says:

    Hi all! I'm glad you like the song. (And I'll look at the other covers, because: FUN.) I should clarify that I'm looking for a way to just buy the song, cause the charity album seems really rare and expensive. But perhaps that's me being too demanding.

  • Pegkitty says:

    This is a great cover, and so weird, because yesterday as I was shopping in K-Mart (shut up) they had a cover playing over the in-store musik system. Female lead singer, though, which struck me quite odd. I didn't realize there were several covers out there, though!

  • Pegkitty says:

    And, I discover, that was Save Ferris at K-Mart.

  • mrs f says:

    Well, another quick google turned up this: where it seems you can download the single. But, having never heard of the site before, I can't vouch for legality, security, etc, etc. I'd say take the plunge on the album – one good cover usually means there are others as well.

  • Sue says:

    @Soylent Green – We've all been thinking that way about this song since 1982. You haven't ruined anything.

  • regina monster says:

    Hype Machine ( is a great site for leads on hard-to-find recordings.

  • Amanda says:

    Mrs. F, that's where I got my copy~I get a lot of mp3s from that site~it's pretty much a peer upload site though, so you're not paying for the right to own the song. I've used it for a long time though and haven't had problems with security or anything though.

  • funtime42 says:

    Man, the lyrics aren't even close to what I've been singing for 20+ years. It makes a lot more sense now though…

  • Douglas says:

    @Soylent Green, Louisa, & Sue,
    Kevin Smith agrees: (nsfw, depending on where you work)

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