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The Vine: March 30, 2012

Submitted by on March 30, 2012 – 9:02 AM4 Comments

Perhaps you or your readers could identify this film for me?

It was a B&W science-fiction film (or perhaps something shorter) from the 1950s or 1960s, but I saw it on TV at least 15 years ago. All I remember was one particular scene, where a man — recently fished out of a river or lake, and understandably disoriented — is being questioned by several people, with a tape recorder and stenographer/secretary to hand.

The man speaks English, but his answers to our protagonists' questions are nonsensical, and after a few minutes he is left alone while the others discuss the situation. Then one of them, looking over the stenographer's notes, has a flash of inspiration, and reads out the interrogation dialogue out of sequence: the man has been answering questions from 30 seconds in the future! Cue spookiness.

I have no idea of the ultimate cause (probably some nuclear accident), or of what happens in the rest of the film. But I would really like to know what it was. I've read through Wiki's brief descriptions of original-series Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes, but nothing seems to fit. Help?


Giant Ants Were Probably Involved


Hi Sars,

I'm hoping you and/or the readers can help me out with this. There's a movie I remember watching as a kid, and I've been trying to figure out FOR YEARS what it was called in the hopes of tracking it down. Here's what I remember:

  • It would've been late 1980s or early 1990s.
  • Possibly a made-for-TV movie? Lifetime or something similar? I know I watched it on TV, not in a theater.
  • In the beginning of the movie, a young girl with long brown hair drowns in a river/lake near her backyard. Her father is present but unable to save her. This happens offscreen.
  • The ghost of the little girl haunts the mother, clearly trying to leave clues about her death.
  • The ghost keeps giving clues about a butterfly. By the end of the movie, it is revealed that the father actually drowned the little girl, and the butterfly she was referring to was a design on his wrist watch (one of the last things she saw, I guess). 

No combination of search terms (drowning, girl, haunting, butterfly, wristwatch, etc.) has been able to turn up ANYTHING that even sounds remotely similar. Can the Nation find this one?

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