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The Vine: November 2, 2012

Submitted by on November 2, 2012 – 9:46 AM9 Comments

I remember a young-adult book where a girl (I think she was something of an outcast…aren't they all in YA lit) painted theater sets in a way where they looked really crazy up close, but beautiful from far away. The mean theater teacher didn't understand, however, so had them painted over with flat grey paint. The girl then learns to use stage lighting to create a similar effect.

I probably read this in the very late '80s or early '90s. I seriously remember nothing else, and Googling only brings me to lots of sites about high-school drama lighting.




I have been fruitlessly looking for a book and I am hoping your readers can help me out. I read it as a young teenager (20-odd years ago…yeesh). I can’t remember much of it but what I do remember: the book was in the teenage section of the library so it was obviously aimed at teenagers. It was set in a sort of an alternate reality, maybe? A 14-year-old girl comes with her parents to this very jungle-y place. She meets a boy that can turn himself into a vine (or climbing plant of some kind) or he can make plants grow at will. At some stage they are swimming in a natural pool with a waterfall and they’re smooching and then they bonk. I remember the sex because it was the first time I had ever read a sex scene in a book. I know the sex part makes it seem like it was a trashy book but it wasn't somehow. And I think the boy stows away in a airplane at some stage.

And that’s it, that's all I have. Not a lot of details to go on, I know, but it's been bugging me for years!

Many thanks,

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