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The Vine: October 25, 2013

Submitted by on October 25, 2013 – 1:58 PM15 Comments


I've been watching Dr. Who a lot recently, and have developed a strong desire for a cool long coat like what Ten and Jack Harkness wear.

(I know there are replicas of those coats available, but I don't actually want to cosplay as these characters, I just want a coat with a similar vibe — long, double-breasted, kinda military-ish, ideally belted — but a bit more feminine. Also those coats cost more than three hundred dollars, and I do not have an unlimited coat budget.) I've searched on Etsy,, Amazon, and just Google in general for "women's full-length double-breasted" etc. etc. and I've actually found a coat that looks from the picture like exactly what I want — length, style, collar, flare, everything — but apparently there's only one on the entire internet and it's an extra small, which I know I can't wear, as I'm a U.S. women's dress size 8-10, and the reviews for the coat seem to indicate that it runs small anyway.

Has anyone seen a coat — new or vintage — available online that they think might make me look like a dashing time traveler?

Thanks in advance!


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