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The Vine: June 12, 2004
June 12, 2004 · No Comment

I'm going to spare you the gory details of this one and stick to the short
version.I hope I manage to include all relevant details.
Last year I was
visiting my parents and "friends from home" for the …

Girls' Bike Club II: The Girls'-Bikening
June 11, 2004 · One Comment

Wing Chun: Okay — not to obsess about Girls' Bike Club over here, but you know who we forgot, and who's the GBC president emeritus?
Sarah: Who?
Wing Chun: Billy Joel.
Sarah: Ohhhh yeah. Man, he just wrecked …

The Vine: June 10, 2004
June 10, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Maybe you can give me an outsider's opinion and some advice regarding one of my best friendships:
I met my friend, C, when we were kids — specifically, he was 10 and I was 12. …

The Vine: June 9, 2004
June 9, 2004 · No Comment

Thanks for all the responses on "octopodes." The consensus seems to be that it's a word adopted from the Greek "octopous," so it's really the only word to which the rule applies in re: a …

The Vine: June 8, 2004
June 8, 2004 · No Comment

Hi Sars,
I have a big ol' 20-pound maine coon named Frank. He's 6 and a half and
loves to rule the household. He has lived with a cat before, but it never
especially agreed with him.
I'm pretty …

Girls' Bike Club
June 7, 2004 · No Comment

Sarah: Do you happen to know if there's a planet in retrograde?
Wing Chun: Why, because Reagan died?
Sarah: You know, I hadn't even thought of that. I could totally count that. My hair, Hobey's teeth, J.Lo …

The Vine: June 4, 2004
June 4, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
I have longed to be lambasted by you but my common sense works pretty well so I haven't had anything to ask you. Until now, and even now my common sense says I have …

The Vine: June 3, 2004
June 3, 2004 · No Comment

Hi Sars –
I have a problem and I need advice. Okay, let's start
from the beginning. There was a Boy who worked with
me…and we hooked up. Months went by and we were
discreet, no one knew. No …

The Vine: June 2, 2004
June 2, 2004 · No Comment

To The Grammar Goddess,
Someone in my office insists that everyone use the word "finished" when a
task is complete. Every time one of us says, "We're done," she says, "Meat is
done. You are finished." We're all …

The Vine: June 1, 2004
June 1, 2004 · No Comment

Hi Sars!
A couple of months ago I was browsing in a used
bookstore and bought a massive, unabridged, library-style dictionary.I cannot tell you how many hours I
have spent looking up words and being a big dictionary
dork …