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The Vine: April 23, 2004
April 23, 2004 · No Comment

This is probably a long-winded explanation before a fairly simple question, but here goes.
I've been in college for what feels like forever. When I started out, I was convinced I wanted to study engineering, so …

The Vine: April 22, 2004
April 22, 2004 · No Comment

Sars, help me out. It is, of course, a boy problem.
I'm a freshman in college, and I've been writing Buffy fanfic since I
was twelve. He's a sophomore, and vice-president of the anime club.
Halloween night, I …

The Vine: April 21, 2004
April 21, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Hey there, I'm hoping maybe you can help me with a wee problem I'm having.
I'm 21, and in my final year of university. Last year I moved off-campus into a shared house (our university …

The Vine: April 20, 2004
April 20, 2004 · No Comment

Hi Sars,
I've a family problem that is really nagging me. A
little history first.
I am an only child of elderly parents, and going to
school for the arts at the most prestigious college in
my state. Frankly, I'm …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 22: Minerva Jane Dominski
April 19, 2004 · No Comment

I played it on the piano, I played it for my father, after supper. It was a trick to get the pedaling right, the notes ran together if I wasn't quick at it, but I …

The Vine: April 16, 2004
April 16, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars:
My husband and I are inexperienced party-throwers, and after much
deliberation we've finally decided to try our hand at entertaining. We sent
out invitations to friends we know from several different places, so that
everyone will have …

The Vine: April 15, 2004
April 15, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars:
My mother-in-law is great — really. Okay, most of the time. We're super-close; we shop, we go to the movies, we work together. My own mother lives almost a thousand miles away and I …

The Vine: April 14, 2004
April 14, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
I hooked up with this guy last week. He's a good friend, and let's say for the sake of this letter, there's a very good chance said hooking up will occur again.
The problem was…he …

The Vine: April 13, 2004
April 13, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
My situation basically addresses the question: Is there ever an
exception to the butt-out rule? The one about interfering in other
people's consenting relationships?
I'll try to condense this as much as possible, while not leaving out
anything …

Nine Reasons To Give Baseball Another Chance
April 12, 2004 · One Comment

It's okay if you don't like baseball. Truly, it is. I didn't like baseball either, at one time in my life. Of course, at the same time in my life, I had a gigantic crush …