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The Vine: July 7, 2004
July 7, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Why are Jesus and Moses the only two exceptions to the apostrophe-S rule? Does God just love them more than everybody else?
Dear Lauren,
Garner states that this exception is made for all Biblical and classical …

The Vine: July 6, 2004
July 6, 2004 · No Comment

Strictly speaking, this isn't my problem, but I'm a little more involved than I'd like to be, and I'd just like to have your refreshingly bullshit-free take on what my responsibilities are here. It's quite …

The Subheroes Chapter 3: Henhouse of Buggin'
July 5, 2004 · No Comment

Diz frowns. "Do you think we need The Nose?"
"I think we might need The Nose, and I think better safe than sorry."
"Sure, but if we don't end up using her and she has to" — …

The Vine: July 2, 2004
July 2, 2004 · No Comment

Hi Sars,
Your advice to Missed Courtship 101 was spot-on as usual, but I just wanted to add that he should relax — a lot of girls dig that kind of bumbling and clueless, yet cute …

The Vine: July 1, 2004
July 1, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Next semester, I will officially be certified to teach high school English in a Large Southern State with one star on the flag. The Large Southern State legislature recently passed a law requiring all …

Girls' Bike Club III: The GBC Strikes Back
June 30, 2004 · No Comment

Sarah: Hello.
Wing Chun: Oh, hello.
Sarah: So. What's up?
Wing Chun: Oh, you know. You?
Sarah: Nothing. Not a thing.
Wing Chun: Meeeee neither.
Sarah: …
Wing Chun: …
Sarah: [cough]
Wing Chun: Anyway.
Sarah: Okay, so, the thing is, and I hesitate to …

The Vine: June 24, 2004
June 24, 2004 · No Comment

Hi! I love your website, and your advice, so I'm hoping you can help me with something. It's not a huge problem, but it's one of those little niggling things that you can't get rid …

The Subheroes Chapter 2: Soup To Nuts
June 23, 2004 · No Comment

Slam! goes the phone, rrrrrump go the wheels of my desk chair, sssswish goes my messenger bag over my shoulders, and I'm halfway across the outer office when I see the baby, and I swear …

The Vine: June 22, 2004
June 22, 2004 · No Comment

This is a long story, but I will try and stick to the relevant issues. I
recently got engaged to a wonderful man, J. We've dated for two and a half years and
I am completely happy …

The Vine: June 18, 2004
June 18, 2004 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
I'm a long-time reader, but a first-time writer. Anyway, I'm
currently spending a year abroad, in a beautiful,
student-friendly, European city.And while I enjoy the accents, and
going out to pubs, and have met a lot of …