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The Vine: March 25, 2005
March 25, 2005 · No Comment

Some friends and I translate anime into English as a hobby, and being the
sticklers we are, we like to make sure that everything we do is as close
to being perfect as possible without going too …

The Vine: March 24, 2005
March 24, 2005 · No Comment

I've been casually dating X for about two months. This weekend, I got drunk with his roommates and some of their friends while he wasn't around (he knew I was doing this and was cool …

The Vine: March 22, 2005
March 22, 2005 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
I have a gross question and I want to apologize in advance for the gross-ness. I just started a new job about six weeks ago. I like it and can see myself being here …

Vanity Farewell
March 21, 2005 · No Comment

"VF pile" is currently an item on my to-do list. A chore, in other words. Current number of issues in the pile: two, a twelve-month low.
In order to afford anything advertised within, I would have …

The Vine: March 18, 2005
March 18, 2005 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
Since sometimes I can't tell when I'm reading Vine letters, let me say
up-front that I'm a 23-year-old girl. About three months ago, I met and
started dating a friend of my cousin, who has recently …

The Vine: March 17, 2005
March 17, 2005 · No Comment

To avoid future claimants of "I thought he was a jerk, but maybe he's
just autistic," you may want to clarify a few things about Asperger's.
Autism isn't just poor social skills/learning disabilities. In fact,
many people with …

The Vine: March 16, 2005
March 16, 2005 · No Comment

Hey, Sars,
I read the last letter of yesterday's Vine with interest, because it pertains to
my own career. Your advice to Beer was certainly correct, as far as it
went, but I think there may be a …

The Vine: March 15, 2005
March 15, 2005 · No Comment

Hi Sars, O Goddess of All Things,
I have one younger brother and one older half-brother. Said
half-brother never lived with us until he was about 13 and I was about
10. Half-brother had, at that point, a …

Girls' Bike Club VII: Your Friends And Neighbors
March 15, 2005 · No Comment

Wing Chun: Hello?
Sarah: Hi. Okay, here's the thing.
Wing Chun: Oh, dear.
Sarah: I know Kid Rock should go in the Girls' Bike Club. I know this.
Wing Chun: But you don't want him in it.
Sarah: No, I …

The Vine: March 11, 2005
March 11, 2005 · No Comment

Dear Sarah-with-an-H,
In response to Suzy's letter about unwanted nicknames and your point about
spelling names right, I was wondering if you have any advice
about how to respond when people spell names wrong, especially in email.
I don't …