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Articles tagged with: Ernest Hemingway

Living history: Mangione's The Dream And The Deal
April 19, 2015 – 10:57 AM | No Comment
Living history: Mangione's <em>The Dream And The Deal</em>

It's hard to describe what I found so appealing about Jerre Mangione's The Dream And The Deal.

25/31: Midnight in Paris
December 26, 2011 – 3:05 PM | 10 Comments
25/31: <I>Midnight in Paris</I>

Woody Allen stand-ins work best when played by Woody Allen himself. Allen's voice is so distinctive, and his heroes generally so him despite cosmetic name changes (Alvy Singer, Larry Lipton), that in other hands the …

Beautiful Fools
September 27, 2011 – 8:21 PM | 27 Comments
Beautiful Fools

By the time I turned twenty, I had come to despise Zelda Fitzgerald. It was no fault of hers. I knew nothing about her, really, except that she had married F. Scott and lost her …

The NC Double Shot Round of 32, Flight 2
May 31, 2011 – 7:45 AM | 27 Comments
The NC Double Shot Round of 32, Flight 2

Today's write-ups by Sarah D. Bunting. Confused? Click here. Need an ingredients breakdown? We recommend Google, straight up with a twist.
1 Martini / Gibson vs. 9 Mimosa. The Martini pounded its opponent last time; I …

The NC Double Shot Round of 64, Flight 2: Co-H
May 18, 2011 – 9:20 AM | 37 Comments
The NC Double Shot Round of 64, Flight 2: Co-H

Today's write-ups by Keckler. Confused? Click here. To refresh your memory on ingredients, we recommend Google.
1 Gin and Tonic vs. 16 French 75. See, this is a sucky match-up because I love both of these …

The Things They Carried
May 11, 2009 – 2:52 PM | 42 Comments

They're all dead.But in a story, which is a kind of dreaming, the dead sometimes smile and sit up and return to the world.

When I open a book and begin to read, and I have …

Update: 10/14, 1 PM
October 14, 2008 – 1:17 PM | 6 Comments

Donors Choose took second prize in the AmEx Members Project, picking up a cool half a million dollars — thanks so much to everyone who voted!
As of this writing: 53K and change with just over …