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The Vine: November 26, 2002
November 26, 2002 · No Comment

About your reaction to “Very, Very Confused,” I was wondering if you didn’t put a teeny bit too much importance on that fact Drew is a poet.It seems like a pretty insignificant bit of the …

…It’s Saturday Night
November 25, 2002 · No Comment

As those of you who read the Cherry section know, I recently tore through Live From New York, the oral history of Saturday Night Live. The first night I picked it up, I read almost …

The Vine: November 22, 2002
November 22, 2002 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
I have a question concerning job interview etiquette.I love my current job, but they seem to have a problem with paying me on time.My cheque is often a day late, sometimes up to three.So …

The Vine: November 21, 2002
November 21, 2002 · No Comment

I have a dilly
of a pickle of a problem, as Ned Flanders would say.
Quick background info: “Dude” and I have been dating for the past six
years, since I was 17. We moved in together 18 …

The Vine: November 20, 2002
November 20, 2002 · No Comment

Hi, Sars:
Just a quick note to They Call Him “Ass Dreads.”Your
advice to her was totally sensible, and I think that’s
where she should start.
However, I just wanted to add
that I had an old roommate with the …

The Vine: November 19, 2002
November 19, 2002 · No Comment

Hi Sars,
I apologize for the yuckiness of this letter in advance, but I’m writing for your advice because I honestly believe that you’re the best person to ask this question of. I’ve got a stinky, …

Wild Tofurkey
November 18, 2002 · One Comment

So, I finally bit the bullet and went vegetarian. I didn’t particularly want to go vegetarian, mind you, in no small part because, as I predicted, almost everyone reacts to my new no-meat policy with …

The Vine: November 15, 2002
November 15, 2002 · No Comment

So perhaps I’m missing some basic facet of respectful human
interaction, but if I were Anna, I’d report Gil to the cops
immediately and not say a thing to my sister.This isn’t a matter of
simply marrying The …

The Vine: November 14, 2002
November 14, 2002 · No Comment

Hi Sars,
I myself have $40K student loan debt from theatre studies, and I can feel C.L. + T = B.’s pain. I was able to regain my financial footing and sanity through loan consolidation through …

The Vine: November 13, 2002
November 13, 2002 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
A tough financial situation — please, I need some clear
advice. Until I get some and figure this thing out, my
food is as ashes and the sun brings no joy to my eyes.
Three months ago, …