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Articles tagged with: famous boyfriends

Crazy Heart
February 25, 2010 – 8:54 AM | 22 Comments
<I>Crazy Heart</I>

The acting is good across the board, in spite of writing that lurches between motivations and tempos like a car dropping out of gear. By that measure, it’s not Jeff Bridges, the presumptive Best Actor …

December 14, 2009 – 1:06 PM | 8 Comments

Don’t let the big names fool you: Control is a B movie. Accepted on B-movie terms, it’s quite good, in the sense that it is often bad, but has the internal wisdom to keep things …

Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo
July 20, 2009 – 8:11 PM | 15 Comments
<I>Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of </I>Fitzcarraldo

Today the bat was still there.Someone had neatly laid a strip of toilet paper over it.It was dead, its position unchanged.I left it there and did not use the sink, not out of disgust or …

At The Death House Door
August 31, 2008 – 2:00 PM | 12 Comments
<I>At The Death House Door</I>

UPDATE: At The Death House Door is airing on IFC on Monday September 1 at 9 PM, with other airings to follow.
Speaking of famous boyfriends…I recorded At The Death House Door when it first aired, …

Support Local Business: July 16, 2008
July 16, 2008 – 8:17 AM | 32 Comments
Support Local Business: July 16, 2008

Simon Tofield is back, with his cat, in “TV Dinner.” Do not drink hot coffee while watching.You may, however, make fun of me for having the premiere date of Tofield’s latest entered into my Outlook …

Department Of Famous Boyfriends: Walter Kirn
July 6, 2008 – 12:36 PM | 31 Comments
Department Of Famous Boyfriends: Walter Kirn

Walter Kirn’s zero-Fahrenheit appraisal of James Frey’s new novel, Bright Shiny Morning, is a reviewing masterpiece, opening with a sharp observation about the L.A.-novel genre and building through concisely dismissive observations about Frey’s prose to …

Because I’m So Perfect
May 19, 2000 – 2:33 PM | No Comment

I bitch about clichés for a living: movie clichés, television clichés, clichés about the supposed differences between men and women. Still, clichés enter the language – and stick around long after we’ve tired of hearing …