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Support Local Biz: August 21, 2008
August 21, 2008 – 11:40 AM | 7 Comments
Support Local Biz: August 21, 2008

The 90210 reruns on SOAPnet have just cycled back to the beginning — and you can read S1 recaps at The HeldenFiles.
You can also get yourself a big bag of Hoffernalia while browsing the Hoff’s …

Around the TN-iverse
October 10, 2007 – 7:58 PM | 2 Comments

…If you’ve got any more money to spare for a good cause, considering attending the 7A benefit for Rett Syndrome Research. 7A is the production company behind Nikki, and your $65 ticket buys you some …

Great minds
September 29, 2007 – 5:35 PM | 6 Comments

Evidently the fine folks at Distortrait can smell what the GBC is cooking — they’ve put Kiefer on a girls’ bike.
That goes on a t-shirt, I’d better be getting one free. Thanks to reader Elle …

A sign for me; a bargain for you
September 27, 2007 – 2:59 AM | 22 Comments

In the midst of a ruthless bedroom-shelving weed sesh this afternoon, I found myself confronted with a very heavy box whose contents were a mystery to me. Said contents? Girls’ Bike Club CDs. On the …

September 26, 2007 – 3:14 PM | 15 Comments


 Fig. 1: Puggelhoff
1. The Poseable Paper Hoff.
2. According to TV Tattle (also the source of the fine toy above), Variety reports that the Hoff will play himself on Tales from the Hoff: “[The] project …

Girls’ Bike Club XVII: Other Door
September 21, 2007 – 12:10 AM | 37 Comments
Girls’ Bike Club XVII: Other Door

Bic it next time, wimp.

GBC: The Reality Show
June 26, 2007 – 11:24 AM | 6 Comments

Thanks to reader Julie C. for tipping me off to this. I wouldn’t have thought to put Kristofferson in the GBC, but on the other hand…A Star Is Born.

Girls’ Bike Club XVI: Family Affairs
February 12, 2007 – 12:46 PM | One Comment

Wing Chun: Hello?
Sarah: Hello? Hello?
Wing Chun: Hel– hello?
Sarah: Hello? I can’t — hello? Anyone there?
Wing Chun: Hello!
Sarah: Hel– I’m sorry, you’ll have to speak up, I can’t hear you over the din of this goddamn …

Girls’ Bike Club XV: Heartbreak Hotel
November 20, 2006 – 11:45 AM | No Comment
Girls’ Bike Club XV: Heartbreak Hotel

Wing Chun: Hello?
Sarah: …
Wing Chun: Oh, hi. …Yeah, I know.
Sarah: …
Wing Chun: I know!
Sarah: …
Wing Chun: Okay, with the understanding that I support you no matter how you want to handle this…
Sarah: …
Wing Chun: …are …

Girls’ Bike Club XIV: The Dry Spell
October 16, 2006 – 11:42 AM | No Comment

Sarah: Hello?
Wing Chun: Hello!
Sarah: Oh God, now what. Who.
Wing Chun: …What in the what what?
Sarah: It’s Robin Williams, isn’t it.
Wing Chun: It’s…the latest J. Crew catalog, actually, I saw a cute skirt for you. What …