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“That’s Good Stuff! His Kung-Fu’s Good!”
October 10, 2005 – 10:53 AM | No Comment

What I know about kung-fu movies wouldn’t fill a thimble, including whether I should call them “kung-fu movies” in the first place. The correct term is probably “martial-arts feeeeelms,” and no doubt I will receive …

The Laws With No Names
April 25, 2005 – 10:04 AM | One Comment

It’s not often that a date that starts with margaritas strays into Googling the phrase “Nazis end argument,” but hey, it’s not that often that a date includes a blue Cosby sweater and Algerian conspiracy …

The Cape Cod League
September 9, 2004 – 9:19 AM | No Comment

Ninety-five percent of the ping-pong I’ve played, I’ve played on a single table. The table is in the basement of my aunt and uncle’s house on Cape Cod, in the laundry room, and the house …

Booze You Can Use
May 10, 2004 – 9:02 AM | No Comment

When the booze companies tell you to drink responsibly, what they really mean is “don’t drink and drive, and especially don’t drink and drive and then sue us if you wind up with no legs, …

Funny Business
March 23, 2004 – 8:57 AM | No Comment

Before I get to the entry proper, I should warn you that it’s 1) a stream-of-consciousness thing and not terribly polished, and 2) one of those writing-about-writing-type things, and I try not to subject y’all …

Hit The Gas
October 15, 2001 – 1:05 PM | 9 Comments

Last night, Q and I settled down on the couch with a couple of big sandwiches, a bag of chips, a bottle of wine, and the premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I’d had the …

Snorf You, You Schwiz
January 19, 1999 – 11:08 AM | 10 Comments

I try to avoid making new year’s resolutions. I just can’t cope with instituting major changes on the very first day of the year. Nothing bites harder than waking up with a malignant hangover on …

I Don’t Get That, Volume 1
October 16, 1998 – 12:06 PM | No Comment

I just don’t get some stuff. I don’t mean the complicated mysteries of the human body or the nature of the deity or anything lofty like that. I mean little everyday things. I’ve had a …