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Big Country Little Car Tour, Day 9
April 3, 2010 – 2:45 PM | 13 Comments
Big Country Little Car Tour, Day 9

I went back to Chao Camp at midday. AB had tried to text me to say that Mad Chao was getting sprung from the clink, but I'd left my phone at Chao Camp, and my …

TV Question Qorner: James and the Giant Beeyatches, with special guest Miss Alli
March 15, 2010 – 7:41 PM | 34 Comments
TV Question Qorner: <I>James and the Giant Beeyatches</I>, with special guest Miss Alli

Sarah: So you're not really watching Survivor this season?
Alli: I have seen some of it. But you have to understand how deep my dislike of Russell and Rupert really goes.
Sarah: …RUPERT.
Alli: I just…why would I …

Contest: Drink and be merry
October 12, 2009 – 9:28 AM | 6 Comments

As of this writing: $53,868. Way to keep going while I took a day off!
It's not long until we hit 60K; I know it's a holiday Monday, but let's continue to apply the pressure. Today's …