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22/31: Birdman
January 22, 2015 – 3:14 PM | 3 Comments
22/31: <em>Birdman</em>

Couch Baron, Blankenship and I discussed the good, the bad, and the flighty about Birdman.

Back to School: High Art, SLaP, and more
September 8, 2011 – 6:57 AM | 13 Comments
Back to School: <I>High Art</I>, SLaP, and more

A roundup of what I’ve written and watched recently…

Dog Days of Summer Movies: A Summer Place
August 3, 2011 – 7:32 PM | 8 Comments
Dog Days of Summer Movies: <I>A Summer Place</I>

by Mark Blankenship
Tilt your head the right way, and you can see A Summer Place as a thoughtful and progressive discourse on sexuality. Cock it in the other direction, however, and you’ll see a smutty, …

Dog Days of Summer Movies: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
August 2, 2011 – 11:49 AM | 10 Comments
Dog Days of Summer Movies: <I>I Still Know What You Did Last Summer</I>

Please welcome Mark Blankenship of The Critical Condition to the curator’s chair!
Before I get to the plot of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, I need to address the title. You see, on …

Support Local Biz: December 7, 2008
December 7, 2008 – 8:27 PM | 2 Comments
Support Local Biz: December 7, 2008

First up, Ruth and Esther’s Egg Nog Revue, presented by Friend Of TN Mark Blankenship: “Everybody’s favorite southern belles return to Ars Nova to spread some BullsGap, Tennessee holiday cheer. Scandalous single gal Ruth (Marya …