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The Facts
March 31, 2003 – 2:30 PM | One Comment

So, yes. The war. The…war.
I…okay. I need another Corona first. Okay, let me just…with the lime, here…okay. The war. I will now discuss the war.
I would prefer not to discuss the war.

Blue Skies
February 3, 2003 – 2:24 PM | One Comment

It always comes back to the same things — the fear and the sadness.
I remember Ronald Reagan getting shot. The carpool dropped me off at the bottom of the driveway, and as I hiked up …

Just Mirrors
January 13, 2003 – 2:21 PM | No Comment

I guess it’s time for me to write about the smoking ban in New York City. Yeah. “Yay.” I haven’t addressed it before — or, to tell the truth, paid much attention to the press …

Hillary Go Home
February 19, 2000 – 2:43 PM | 3 Comments

“Women in particular expressed their distaste [for Hillary Rodham Clinton] in strong but inchoate terms. . . . two prominent Democratic officials told me, independently, that they had noticed much the same pattern in talking …

Giuliani Stinks
October 16, 1999 – 1:29 PM | No Comment

The local TV news here in New York City never changes. A typical newscast leads with one of three stories: a sexual or drug-related abuse of power by a low-ranking school official; a shooting death, …

Saint John-John The Divine
July 18, 1999 – 10:55 AM | No Comment

I still remember the day Ronald Reagan got shot. I don’t remember anything about school that day – aside from the customary wrestling with long division, I don’t think anything notable happened in Mrs. Arrouet’s …

Laying The Blame
June 18, 1999 – 11:06 AM | No Comment

I avoided writing about the Columbine High School shootings for some time, primarily because I didn’t feel I had anything to add to what others had already said. I don’t have children, I’ve never even …