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Why We Need The Oxford Comma
February 12, 2009 – 10:24 AM | 82 Comments
Why We Need The Oxford Comma

[T]he comma separates items (including the last from the next-to-last) in a list of more than two — e.g.: “The Joneses, the Smiths, and the Nelsons.”   In this position, it’s called, variously, the serial …

Pete Rose has a MySpace page
December 22, 2008 – 7:53 AM | 21 Comments

And it’s freakin’ hideous.
I don’t know why Pete ROSE of all goddamn people lives in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of North America, but if he’s going to live there, and he’s going to sign …

November 5, 2008 – 2:19 AM | 187 Comments

In lieu of the regular Vine, a few words of advice: remember when this happened, and how awesome it felt. Remember that you, the Nation, have improved the lives of tens of thousands of people. …

Consider The Author
September 15, 2008 – 2:55 PM | 45 Comments

Because a few people have asked…fans of David Foster Wallace should read Troy Patterson’s write-up for Slate.   Troy is a fellow vet of our college paper, and his take is on point as usual.
Well, …

“I don’t know how you feel about it…”
June 23, 2008 – 2:15 PM | 43 Comments
“I don’t know how you feel about it…”

“…but I am getting pretty sick and tired of these fucking church people.”
My boyfriend uses that Carlin quip in response to anything and everything — he can’t find his keys, he’s lost his train of …

Can you beat my score?
June 14, 2008 – 2:59 PM | 50 Comments

I bet you can, because I embarrassed myself on Mental Floss‘s grammar quiz. Two of the questions were phrased in such a way that I overthought them, but did know the right answer even though …

Smart People
April 24, 2008 – 10:23 AM | 16 Comments
<I>Smart People</I>

“Would you like to see my red wheelbarrow?”
[Warning: spoilicious. On the plus side, I wouldn’t advise seeing the movie, so you may proceed, or not, with that in mind.]
I enjoyed Smart People, in the sense …

“…Puns Escaped Unharmed”
April 3, 2008 – 10:38 AM | 3 Comments

‘Tis the season once again for headline fun with the word “bunting” — but while today’s does have a baseball subject, the bunting in question is not the effecting of an infield hit, but the …

Pronunciation II: Home Sweet Wilkes-Barre Or Nogales
February 29, 2008 – 10:40 AM | 253 Comments

My apologies to central and western PA, but for years, I thought they were two different towns: Wilkes-Barre, pronounced “Wilks Bar,” and “Wilkesbury,” like the Traveling Wilburys.
And if someone could please remind me how “Nogales” …

Sincerely Your’s II: Pirates of the Carribean
October 2, 2006 – 11:41 AM | 5 Comments

Print it out and post it over your desk. Forward it to a friend. Hand it out to your class. You don’t need my permission; you don’t even have to credit me. Same with this …