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Bradelor! DUN!: Boot and Rally
March 9, 2011 – 4:56 PM | 4 Comments
Bradelor! DUN!: Boot and Rally

What can we really say about the latest edition of The Women Tell All: Crocodile Tears? Not much, as it turns out; we spent the bulk of our discussion on things we wish we’d seen …

Bradelor! DUN!: Hallowed Malls
February 1, 2011 – 3:49 PM | 7 Comments
Bradelor! DUN!: Hallowed Malls

In today’s installment of Bradelor! DUN!, Miss Alli and I have sync-ing issues; Emily has NASCAR issues; Chris Harrison has sensitivity and disingenuity issues; and Lisa’s hair has the same issues it always does…for the …

TV Question Qorner: Midseason TV Report Card
October 26, 2010 – 2:23 PM | 43 Comments
TV Question Qorner: Midseason TV Report Card

What I’m watching — or no longer watching — and why.
Boardwalk Empire. I have to catch up on recent episodes, but so far, A-minus — the minus is for the pacing, which is very …

TV Question Qorner: James and the Giant Beeyatches, with special guest Miss Alli
March 15, 2010 – 7:41 PM | 34 Comments
TV Question Qorner: <I>James and the Giant Beeyatches</I>, with special guest Miss Alli

Sarah: So you’re not really watching Survivor this season?
Alli: I have seen some of it. But you have to understand how deep my dislike of Russell and Rupert really goes.
Sarah: …RUPERT.
Alli: I just…why would I …

TV Question Qorner: Character by numbers
October 8, 2009 – 8:22 PM | 28 Comments
TV Question Qorner: Character by numbers

Law & Order: SVU. Really?   A cockroach?   Just going to rip Papillon and Brazil off, but without the insight?
Meloni’s “the walls, they breeeeeeathe” acting choices looked a lot like the ones he made …