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Articles tagged with: true crime

Adventures In Random DVR-Pausing: No Relation
June 18, 2012 – 9:03 PM | 6 Comments
Adventures In Random DVR-Pausing: No Relation

No relation. Aaaaaaand: no relation.

18/31: Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story
December 19, 2011 – 11:00 PM | 2 Comments
18/31: <I>Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story</I>

John Douglas has a line in The Cases That Haunt Us where he's wrapping up the Lindbergh case, and after reviewing all the evidence, disputed and otherwise, he's like, "So, did Hauptmann do it? I …

Squared Up: Restraint
September 14, 2010 – 10:10 PM | 2 Comments
Squared Up: Restraint

In the car earlier today, I decided to listen to "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN. Well, maybe I should rephrase that; I decided not to listen to my iPod (forgot it at home), or …

Hit Charade
March 16, 2010 – 9:52 AM | One Comment
<I>Hit Charade</I>

Not every magazine article should get promoted to full-length book. Sometimes it works (Into Thin Air), but sometimes it doesn't: Tyler Gray's Hit Charade: Lou Pearlman, Boy Bands, and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in U.S. …

True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa
July 25, 2008 – 2:06 PM | 3 Comments
<I>True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa</I>

I forget where I read the article that referred me to the book, but it went straight onto my Amazon wish list — I mean, what a crazy story. A Times reporter gets bounced from …