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The NC Double Shot: Cheers

Submitted by on July 18, 2011 – 4:32 PM23 Comments

Drum roll, please — it's time to announce our NC Double Shot winner. And the title goes to…

…the margarita! Keckler and I totally should have guessed that outcome from way back in the planning stages, but totally did not, slapping the marg with a 10 seeding and forcing it to fight off pretty stiff competition (so to speak). I have no regrets, however, as it didn't matter, and also I harbor residual bitterness about the ouster of the bourbon Manhattan.

Perhaps Keckler has a few gracious words for our victor. Keckler?

Fuck off, Pimm's Cup murderers!

Okay then!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and voted; we'll see you again fairly soon for a brand-new, super-exciting, very annoying non-food spin on the brackets. Chin chin!

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  • cayenne says:

    I figured you left this poll open a reeeeeaaaaalllllly long time to try to get enough G&T votes.

    Don't mind the marg, sad about the Pimm's, but all I can say is: at least the Shirley Temple didn't win. In popularity contests, you so often get the bland and/or inoffensive winning out, but damn, if the non-alcoholic cocktail had taken it all, I'd have organized a tar-and-feather brigade.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    I figured you left this poll open a reeeeeaaaaalllllly long time to try to get enough G&T votes.

    (Trebek voice) Coe-RRECT!

    …Not really. I got distracted by other things, mostly. But I've been drinking a lot of G&Ts lately and they are kicking ASS.

  • Cara says:

    I'm also a little bitter that the Pimm's Cup didn't win. I shall hoist one this evening in salute. Well, also because the air conditioning in my Chicago-area office died this morning and I am hot and crabby.

  • meredithea says:

    I'm not sad the margarita won. I love a G&T, but when I go out with the girls to see Fast Five (Vin Diesel, sooo pretty! And car porn = yay!) or similar cinematic cheese, we gear up with margaritas. They are full of fruity win :)

  • Keckler says:

    When you say "very annoying," are you referring to us or the subject of our next bracket? Because I'd believe both.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:



  • Kara says:

    Yay! I just had two delicious blood orange margaritas the other day. Fan-tastic.

  • Sandman says:

    Aw, Keckler. I'm resolved to try a Pimm's Cup at the very next opportunity, just 'cause you two are making me laugh so much.

  • MizShrew says:

    I raise my G & T in salute to the winner. Cheers!

  • Keckler says:

    Sandman, I love you.

    Now go ahead and send me a dream, DAMMIT!

  • Anna says:

    I'm still upset about sangria's loss. I had never heard of white wine sangria before the NC Double Shot but it has become one of my favourite tipples – I can't wait to try it in summer!

    I made some to take to a party and everyone loved it. Later on there was conga dancing with cats, but I don't feel it's fair to blame the sangria.

  • Robin says:

    @Anna, "conga dancing with cats, but I don't feel it's fair to blame the sangria": in my house we do that with no alcohol at all to blame! Some days, the cats just ASK to be picked up and danced around.

  • Kim says:

    This tournament made me really curious about Pimm's Cup so I tried to make it but I'm not sure I had the best recipe. Anyone have a good one that they reccommend?

  • Keckler says:

    Kim, here's my basic recipe to get you started:

    After that, you can add and take away stuff as you like. Best mixers for Pimm's are 7-Up/Sprite, British lemonade (Fentimans is a great Brit lemonade that you can get in the US at places like Whole Foods), Limonata (made by Pellegrino), and ginger beer.

  • Keckler says:

    I should add that Pimm's is definitely an acquired taste. It's very herbal and I didn't love it the first time I had it but I was interested enough to keep trying it.

  • annabel says:

    Pimm's Cup is my new favorite, thanks to this tournament. I have no idea if what I'm making is what they're supposed to taste like; Orangette recommends Reed's Ginger Brew, so I just mix that with Pimm's 3 parts to one and throw in a few slices of Trader Joe's little Persian cucumbers. Delicious!!

  • Kate F. says:

    Per Sars's request on Twitter, what I made last night instead of a Pimm's Cup:
    For 2 strong drinks:
    -Muddle some chopped up ginger (an inch or two) with 3 shots gin in a cocktail shaker and let it sit for as long as you have to wait. The longer you wait, the stronger the ginger flavor will be.
    -Fill cocktail shaker with ice
    -Fill with lemonade
    -Shake well
    -Pour over ice and garnish with mint if you have any (you could also muddle the mint in w the ginger at the get-go)

    I had a phenomenal gin/ginger cocktail out in my hometown in Oregon a couple weeks ago and now I want to make some strong ginger syrup. Oh, ginger. Oh, gin.

    (Kim, re. Pimm's: I just mix lemonade and Pimm's if I'm not in the mood to actually break out lemon-lime soda or what-have-you. It's a good starting place to try out the flavor of Pimm's No. 1, which can be an acquired taste. It's not as strong as, say, gin or vodka, so start w/ 1/3 Pimm's to 2/3 lemonade, over ice, and go from there. Add some cucumber, mint, maybe a strawberry if you want to be fancy.)

  • Hannah says:

    Thanks to this tournament, we already have gin and tonic, and we also just happen to have fresh mint and ginger. Now the BF's picking up strawberries and a cucumber. Considering my car will be about 150 degrees for most of my drive home, I'm looking forward to some summer beverage experimentation this evening…

  • Trasherati says:

    I'm in the corner scowling over my Manhattan, y'all.
    Later I'll recover enough to try a Pimm's Cup and pour a damned Shirley Temple into a septic tank where it belongs.

  • Dorine says:

    Greatest thing about being able to drink again post-baby: margaritas.

    And I'll say it again: yea, more brackets.

  • Kim says:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I had mixed Pimms with some lemon/lime soda and definitely liked it enough to want to try different versions. I'm going to try to find some British lemonade.

  • ElizabethA says:

    I hopped aboard Train Bitterness with Sars way back when Manhattans were outmatched — here, at least, if not in my house!
    Looking forward to more brackets.

  • SP says:

    Pimm's Cups have hit Portland like crazy this summer, and it's been great! I haven't invested in my own bottle of Pimm's yet, but that day may come. I tried my hand at drink-mixing over the Fourth with fancy tonic water (holy crap, so much better) and Plymouth gin (recommended by Mike at Choosy Beggars) and fresh lime and OH MY GOD I want to go back and cheat the system to vote for G&Ts one million times.

    That said, I like margaritas fine and can't get upset at their victory, really.

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