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"The Ties of Zodiac"

Submitted by on April 25, 2010 – 12:31 PM9 Comments

A celebration of '70s neckwear.

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  • Jen S says:


    1)Well, now I'll never be able to watch this one again without being on Tie Alert:

    Husband: OMG! The Zodiac Killer is that guy!
    Me: And look at his TIE!

    2) Robert Downey Jr. can make even a '70s era rumpled coffee stained nicotine stinking reporter hawt. I wish I was a neckerchief.

    3)Sars' Dad was a pretty foxy polyester sundae!

  • Faye says:

    Mark Ruffalo. Hot even in a bowtie.

  • Jaybird says:

    Didn't David Sedaris write something about how a bowtie is a man's signal to the world that he is now impotent, or words to that effect? I can't help thinking of that, and of Orville Redenbacher, and now I have to wash my hands repeatedly.

  • Natalie says:

    The only thing I remember about Zodiac was how long that movie went on. It's become the byword for my friends when something lasts forever, especially in a painful way- "we're going to be waiting in this line 'til the end of Zodiac." The 70's fashion was a trip though.

  • alannaofdoom says:

    I'm just going to go ahead and say: this is the best thing I will see all week.

  • Margaret in CO says:

    THANK YOU! Turned my day around.

  • Cat_slave says:

    Oh yeah. As a dear friend of mine put it some years ago, when the '70s look was getting popular again: "It was ugly already the first time around". And so it was. How awful isn't it, then, that I'm suddenly struck with nostalgia:-P

    Thank you for the lolz!

  • Amanda Jeanne says:

    This is so wonderful and hilarious! I enjoyed it more than the movie, I admit–and will begin incorporating Natalie's use of the movie title immediately! I spotted at least 2 types of tie that still hang in my dad's closet and sometimes (much to my mother's chagrin) around his neck.

  • Matt says:

    Neckwear, sure, but check out that old school shoulder holster! Way to carry that spare ammo around, detective.

    I remember reading somewhere that Inspector Toschi, played by Ruffalo, was the inspiration for Steve McQueen's character in Bullitt, even using the same upside down shoulder rig.

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