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Update: 10/7, 12:30 PM

Submitted by on October 7, 2008 – 12:28 PM24 Comments

$36,400-ish right now; awesome work, my friends. Keep pushing; only $330 left on the poetry challenge (don't forget, a forwarded receipt enters you for a mini-prize, described below), and it's not far to 40K, which is when we get a 5K boost from $ and his Mysterians.

We can do it! Don't make me list Little Joe as a sunbeam testing device on eBay to raise money! I WILL DO IT! FOR SELFISH REASONS, KIND OF, BUT: NOT THE POINT!

Also: check the prizing page. We've got some new stuff, including a crazy huge NASCAR box from Keira C., and I'll be updating it further this afternoon.

Also also: main widget link not working? Use this for now.

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  • KPP says:

    Can I just say that everyone should check out the picture for the knit cat bed prize? Adorable!

    And, go TNers, go!

  • Lisa says:

    @KPP — aren't knitters awesome?
    Any other knitters reading this: Check out the "Let's learn to knit" project we can fund! (I did!)

  • Sheila says:

    I just looked at the NASCAR prize pack and got all excited about the Jeff Gordon outdoor thermometer.

    …sometimes you just have to own your geekiness.

  • WendyD says:

    @Lisa : Yes, let's get that project funded! I found it on the first day of the challenge and hoped some other knitters would see it.

  • Jen M. says:

    Aw, Little Joe. I'll buy him! I have some sunbeams that need testing. I think he would also make a nice doorstop. ;)

  • Molly says:

    Oh, there are no WORDS for how much I want a hand-knit cat bed for our impending new kitten! *crosses fingers* I wish I had some kind of marketable talent to donate, but all I'm good at making is balloon animals.

  • Melissa says:

    God, the prize list has made me all tingly inside! TN is so talented and generous! The hand-knit cat bed MAKES ME WANT A CAT! EVEN THOUGH CATS MAKE MY THROAT CLOSE UP!

    Anybody for the "Just Girl Talk 2009"? C'mon, let's finish it off!

  • Veronica B. says:

    Hee…I'll bid on him too! He can keep my equally fat and lazy female cat company. They can play such games as "Who can give a more convincing performance of Starving Kitty Theater" and "Fat Cat or Large Furry Hershey's Kiss?"

    Get him on eBay and let the battle commence!

  • Shannon in CA says:

    I do so very much need a sunbeam testing device and my dog would looooooove me for finally getting him a kitty (so he could love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George), but I don't think Little Joe would appreciate the situation very much! Oh well, but hey, now that the Angels have been knocked out of the playoffs, I'll be getting a rebate on my playoff tickets so that money is going straight to DonorsChoose.

  • Margaret in CO says:

    Molly, I could make a balloon animal snake…mayyyybe. That's a talent, girl! Be proud!

    The prizes are GREAT!!! Wow! I sorta want that cat bed in MY size!

    I sent some money to the poetry exposure …I would LOVE to read those poems! Kids' poetry is the best, IMHO…

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    $37,600. Make it work time…or Joe goes to some fine eBayer for use as a footed heating pad…

  • JeniMull says:

    Only $110 left on the poetry challenge! If I hadn't cut myself off for a little bit, I would be finishing it today!

    I adore that cat bed, as would my geriatric cat. That is too cool.

  • Jennifer says:

    Yay! Poetry challenge is funded.

  • KellyEMca says:

    I couldn't stand how close we were to $38k…so Romeo and Juliet got a boost and that should put us over!

  • Julie says:

    A big thanks also to everyone who helped fund the project "Markers, Highlighters, Pencils, Crayons, And More!" for some underprivileged Chicago kids. I posted a little plug for them in the comments on Sunday, and as of this morning, they're getting their markers! So, so awesome. I'm sniffly.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Dudes! 38K. Very well done indeed; we're so very close to that match, let's keep it going.

    And awesome work knocking off the poetry project; I'll open a new mini-prize thingy tomorrow, and contact winners of this one.

    Again, as always, thank you so much for everything you do.

    Romeo & Juliet, The Hungry Caterpillar, and knitting all have less than $200 'til completion. Anyone feeling spendy? Interested in purchasing a certain spherical, furry paperweight?

  • MCB says:

    Any chance you'd list Little Joe as a prize? I totally need to have some of my sunbeams over here tested, but my fiance says I'm not allowed to get a cat (something about asthma and severe allergies … whine, whine, whine). If I *win* a cat, on the other hand …

  • Cori M. says:

    @KPP – Thank you! They're really fun to make.

    And just for that compliment, Sars, I'm donating another custom-knit cat bed as a prize.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Added to the prizing page!

  • Jen M. says:

    @Veronica: Ah, "Starving Kitty Theater." Appearing twice daily at my home, an afternoon matinee and the evening performance. Why are the fattest cats the most anxious to convince you they are slowly dying of malnutrition?

  • Lisa says:

    My pet project, Let's Learn to Knit got funded! Thank you! :) :) :) AWESOME!

  • JeniMull says:

    @Cori M.: Honestly, I think you could start listing those on eBay and donate however much you wanted to charity – I would totally bid on one of those – I'm actually getting a bit obsessed over them now, to tell the truth.

  • Jaime says:

    Volley Into Lifetime Learning ( only has 7 days left — anyone up for (funding) sports?

  • La BellaDonna says:

    Lisa: Oh, awesome! I sent them some money early on, and wrote to Crazy Aunt Purl, hoping that maybe some of her fans might bid on it! It's a wonderful thing.

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