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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Grayling Cross

Submitted by on December 17, 2011 – 4:15 PM61 Comments

"Why is magic still a secret in Edmonton? Good PR."

Gayleen Froese's Grayling Cross, the sequel to Froese's supernatural mystery Touch, is "taut, laced with humor" (Quill & Quire) and "a lively novel filled with action, both real and unreal" (Globe and Mail). What better gift for the holidays than a funny, exciting book — or a set of them, even?

Psychic Anna Gareau and public relations expert Collie Kostyna keep things quiet for local magicians and for their biggest client, an underground supernatural society known as the Embassy.

When an investigator arrives in town on the trail of a missing teenage psychic, he hires Anna and Collie to be his liaisons to the local magic community. Troublingly, though, their new client turns out to have a knack for suppressing magic, and the Embassy wastes no time telling Anna and Collie to get him out of town. And when an Embassy employee is found murdered — in a house nobody should have been able to enter, with a weapon that never should have killed him — suspicion naturally falls upon Anna and Collie’s client.

Was he involved in murder? And what is his relationship to a northern Alberta ghost town called Grayling Cross?

Two lucky Tomato Nation readers could win your very own copies of the first book, Touch — just leave an interested comment on this entry (with a valid email address), and you're in the running! (Note: winners have been selected as of 12/7 — thanks so much for your interest!)

To jump right into Grayling Cross, read the first chapter online right here (free!). To purchase the book, click here.

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  • Lynda says:

    "interested comment"!

    I can always use another book to add to my To Be Read pile, and this one looks wonderful.

  • Emma says:

    Interested! (Even though winning would mean I'd have to pick up the previous book from the library first, because I'm OCD like that. And I just spent all my unused Borders gift cards, too…)

  • Victoria says:

    Interested comment. I may have to go find the first one as well.

  • LDA says:

    Well, the description made me start to think about getting the first book, so that is a good sign.


  • Meri says:

    Oooh, I'm always up for free books, and this one sounds right up my alley.

  • Krissa says:

    This is relevant to my interests.

  • Kathy says:

    Sounds like a good read.
    (Crossing fingers here).

  • Rain says:

    How interested does my comment have to be? I'm fairly interested. My comment itself isn't very interesting, though…

  • Christy M says:

    Count me as interested!

  • ct says:

    Can-lit mysteries are the best. Alberta is crazy-full of strange happenings in real life, too.

  • Jenn says:

    Very interested! The first line of the Amazon description for the first book makes me want to read it, too: "Anna Gareau arrives in Victoria, BC, with two things to hide – an illegal pistol, and the ability to read people's pasts by touching certain objects."

  • Val says:

    I'm guessing I'll be reading this at some point but I'm with Emma – going to have to get the first book so I don't start in the middle. But it sounds unique and fun so sign me up!

    (Cue me adding the title to my growing list for the Borders close-out sales.)

  • Gwen says:

    Totally interested!

  • Morgan says:

    You had me at Edmonton. As in, the city a few hours north that I love to hate. Magic would make it so much more badass, instead of just lame (ass?).

  • avis says:

    That does sound interesting! Reminds me a little of the Dresden Files. And ditto on needing to buy the first to read the second!


  • Alison says:

    Interested! Especially since I live in Edmonton!

  • Lucy says:

    Add me to the interested pile!

  • Gloom Raider says:

    I can't believe I've never heard of this series even in passing. It sounds really good.

  • Melina says:

    Ooh, this sounds good. I would also love to win a copy.

  • anotherkate says:

    I'm interested. I wonder if it's a coincidence that the author's name is so similar to the title.

  • Lindsay says:

    I'm interested. I live in Edmonton!

  • Jessi in GA says:

    Interested comment. I'm always interested in something new to read!

  • Lindsay says:

    Inerested Comment! This book sounds like just my kind of story; and, "Gayleen Froese" sounds like a superhero name…

  • Kate says:

    I'm definitely interested!

  • Kinsey says:

    That looks really interesting!

  • Dsayko says:

    Interested comment!

    Off to search the online catalog at my local library for the first book

  • Anne says:

    Very Interested! Not very interesting comment. Will be getting first one ASAP, win or no!

    Happy Monday.

  • Gretchen says:

    I figured that Canada had an underworld but I had no idea it had some of its roots in Edmonton. Interested!

  • Robin in Philly says:

    Oooh, colour me interested!! And I was just in the market for a smart, new urban fantasy-type read…

  • Sharon says:

    interested comment. sounds like a good read

  • Kristen B says:

    Interested comment! :)

  • Sandman says:

    Yes, apparently Alberta has an underworld that is actually *The* Underworld. Cool! I'm definitely interested.

  • Robin says:

    The free sample already has me totally hooked into it. Yes, I guess you can say I'm interested, if the competition for a freebie is still open. Otherwise, I will end up buying a copy. (Not this week, I just laid out big bucks on an appliance replacement, but sometime soon.)
    Thanks for the lead, wherever I get the rest of the story!

  • Kate says:

    interested… this book sounds terrific. I think I need to go out and get the first one.

  • Linda says:

    This does look interesting! I'm always glad to have a fun book to add to my library list (unless I win it…which would also be fun.)

  • Louisa says:

    WAY interested!! Since I'm an Edmontonian, born and bred, AND a librarian!

    Oh my, way too many exclamation marks.

    (Me! Me! Pick me!!)

  • Janna says:

    Very interested. That book sounds way cool!

  • Missicat says:

    Is it too late to still be interested?? I am interested still! *waves hand*

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    I've selected the winners — but thanks to everyone for their interest!

  • Eggs says:

    Ooh, sounds interesting!

  • Katie F says:

    Also very interested!

  • Katie F says:

    …and incapable of reading the previous comments. Going to purchase it later today!

  • Anna says:

    Oh, haven't heard of this author! Yay, adding both to my holds list, and crossing my fingers for the win.


  • Bubbles says:

    Oooh! This sounds fun.

  • Sue says:

    Ooh, interested! Supernatural + mystery = book I want to read.

  • Jenak says:

    Mmm… I'd like to register my interest.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    The copies of "Grayling Cross" have been sent to our lucky winners — but watch TN for an update next month. You could win the FIRST book next time!

  • Sandman says:

    For anyone who hasn't read them, I finished both of Froese's novels recently and enjoyed them. I requested them from my local library on the strength of this discussion. (Yay, TN adverts?) If you're a fan of the supernatural mystery sub-genre (I'm hooked on The ­Dresden Files, but cannot stand Kelley Armstrong's writing, for whatever that's worth), I'd recommend them. Grayling Cross takes a somewhat lighter tone than the first one, I'd say.

  • Emma says:

    Throwing in my hat for the first book. (Perfect timing, since I'm looking for something new to read after mainlining the In Death series (again) for the last few weeks.)

  • Kate says:

    This looks right up my alley!

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