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Articles tagged with: roommates

The Vine: September 9, 2009
September 9, 2009 – 12:02 PM | 33 Comments

Dear Sars,
Last year, I moved out of state to live with my boyfriend.The move was based on financial necessity; I was recovering from an operation and couldn't work.The boyfriend (let's call him Adam) had a …

The Vine: May 29, 2009
May 29, 2009 – 9:37 AM | 37 Comments

Hi Sars,
My new downstairs neighbors smoke and I'm very sensitive to it. In addition, the building I live in is VERY dusty. Therefore, I'm interested in purchasing an air purifier of some kind — but …

The Vine: January 21, 2009
January 21, 2009 – 5:05 PM | 65 Comments

Dear Sars,
I am looking for tips on how to become tougher. I've always found it hard to reconcile myself with the idea that some people don't like me, or disapprove of some things I do, …

The Vine: January 7, 2009
January 7, 2009 – 7:07 PM | 50 Comments

Hello Sars,
I write about the lovely Robert, who is not actually our landlord, but the legal caretaker for our absentee landlord's buildings and tenants (absentee landlord lives in Europe).I lived with three wonderful roommates in …

The Vine: December 17, 2008
December 17, 2008 – 1:15 PM | 39 Comments

Dear Sars,
I don't ever seem to have great luck with my living situations. I had finally shaken off the curse of the terrible roommates by getting a one-bedroom (and a cat! yay!) and felt like …

The Vine: October 8, 2008
October 8, 2008 – 10:37 AM | 34 Comments

Dear Sars,
Four years ago, I moved into an apartment with my cousin, signing a month-to-month agreement.The rent was $1000, $500 each, plus utilities that we also split evenly.
In February 2007, my cousin started dating a …

The Vine: May 30, 2008
May 30, 2008 – 8:43 AM | 56 Comments

I just stepped out of the shower, and I'm at the end of my soap-on-a-rope. About the shower, that is.
See, my husband, dog, and I live in a beautiful apartment in an 1887 "castle" which …

The Vine: March 25, 2008
March 25, 2008 – 12:06 PM | No Comment

My husband and I just moved into a new house and our landlords are First-Time Landlords, which means that they are very giddy and excited about it. They have been great, but they are a …

The Vine: January 15, 2008
January 15, 2008 – 2:13 PM | No Comment

Hiya Sars,
I'm so deeply mired in a squabble with my now-former roommate, I could really use a sane outside voice to tell me who's right and who's wrong. The issue is this: when Roomie and …

The Vine: October 26, 2007
October 26, 2007 – 12:11 PM | 27 Comments

I know you've resolved not to care about that slim piece of floor next to your toilet, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up yet. My idiot DIY-er landlord mismeasured just about everything …