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The Vine: September 20, 2013

Submitted by on September 20, 2013 – 12:41 PM7 Comments


I have a head-scratcher for the Nation — fairly recent, but it’s driving me positively BUGGY that I can’t remember the title.

Here's what I remember — chick lit, probably pretty early in the game/genre. Three female friends living somewhere east coast (likely Manhattan), all at different points along the relationship trail (one's married, one's the serial dater, one's the spinster) and of COURSE the grass is always greener for them all. The story alternates between their points of view.

Here are a few of the details I remember:

  • I remember them meeting regularly at an Asian restaurant and something about…crab rangoon? (See what I mean? Weird details…just no title.)
  • One woman — the "pretty one" in the group(?) — always said Middlemarch was her favorite novel, but hadn’t actually read it. She realizes the man she is seeing is "the one" while they sit and read it to each other. 
  • There's a falling out when one of them partners up that results in the others sitting in front of her apartment door singing "We don't hate your husband" to the melody of "We Shall Overcome."

 Any help? My brain would appreciate the relief. 



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