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Out With The Crowd: “Optimist in me says 85 wins”

Submitted by on March 30, 2013 – 9:14 AM5 Comments


It’s hard to get baseball pundits to agree on anything during spring training, but everyone’s on the same page with at least one thing: the 2013 New York Mets will be a powerhouse.

Of suck.

I spoke to Chris Matcovich last week about J. Bay, false hope, and Terry Collins’s plan.

Sarah D. Bunting: Who’s your favorite acquisition for the team for the ’13 season?

Chris Matcovich: Tough call, but I think [LaTroy] Hawkins will have an impact on the team. He’s a reliever, but bullpen was a weakness last year and if he pitches like he did this spring it should help shore up that area. A runner-up is Collin Cowgill.

And who’s your least favorite addition? (I’d have to go Marcum.)

Based on performance and recent news it has to be Shaun Marcum…although [he’s] injury-prone I had high hopes for him.

So did I. Like an idiot. Let’s talk departures. Anyone you were glad to see go?

The obvious candidate was Jason Bay. He was a liability at the plate, but with that said based on reports he was a great teammate and always showed good work ethic even when he was struggling.

I always felt bad for him. And then relieved when everyone finally admitted the left fielder had no clothes. He was clearly trying, at least.


And on the other side? Anyone you’re sorry to see go? I’m going to bet myself a dollar I know the answer here…

Maybe not but I was a pretty big Scott Hairston fan.

And I lose a dollar! (I was a fan too, but most people point to Dickey.)

He would have been second.

Time for the “deck chairs on the Titanic” question. What’s your biggest worry for the team this coming season?

If you asked me a week ago I would have said the outfield, now with [Zack] Wheeler still in the minors I’d have to say the starting rotation.

Is it even a full rotation at this point? I think it’s, like, 49 degrees.

Yeah, they are short a couple, especially if [Jeremy] Hefner’s elbow bruise holds him back.

What about the final standings — where do you see the Mets finishing? Weird division this year, IMHO.

Optimist in me says 85 wins…realist says between 75-80.

Any surprises in spring training? Pleasant or unpleasant.

I’d say [Lucas] Duda and David [Wright] both having solid springs after so-so years last season.

If you could tell Terry Collins one thing, what would it be?

Keep being yourself. I think he has helped the Mets grow during these tough times.

Anything else bugging you? Other teams? Headlines? Mine today is can we please not hear about [Roy] Halladay’s velocity for 48 hours.

I’d probably say Yankees injury news…winning, losing, or hurt they are in the news.

You can tweet back at Chris about whether Hawkins has anything left at @cmatcovich.




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