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Rec/Link Round-Up

Submitted by on September 26, 2007 – 2:03 PM6 Comments

Premiere-week hell continues over at TWoP, but we’ve got a boatload of new content going up, including my latest Brothers & Sisters Classic; a weecap of the Chuck pilot, which I really liked a lot (the weecap, and the pilot itself); and Mr. Stupidhead’s March To The Sea (he’s aiming to recap all of Dexter S1 before S2 starts on Sunday — two to go, dude! You can do eeeeeet!).

Other stuff to watch, do, and/or read:

The SI article about Mike Coolbaugh. Some of the martyrdom language surrounding this guy’s demise — which is, no question, horrible and a senseless waste — is perhaps a little much. The story is enough on its own; the tragedy doesn’t beg goosing with cinematic coincidences. But it’s a well-written piece, and valuable as a snapshot of what it’s like for guys who get a cup of coffee in the majors, but not much more. And the perspective of the guy who hit the foul ball that killed Coolbaugh is elegantly done too.

Also on, postseason handicapping.

Sin City Law, on Sundance Channel. Is anyone else watching this? That two-parter about the Maestas kids was amazing, I thought. I had to mark off for showing the public defender going to church, like, three times; it really wasn’t necessary and the time could have been used on more interesting footage, I thought. Still, it’s a fascinating show.

Radar‘s “Overrated 100.” I don’t know why Radar keeps coming to my house — I didn’t renew my subscription, because…I don’t know. Historically, while it didn’t suck, it wasn’t that great, either; it didn’t seem to have a point of view, and the writing often felt airless and undirected. Plus, I figured it would fold again in six months anyway. But the “Overrated 100” in the latest ish: really really good! The writing is tight and bitchy, the continuity of tone is good, I agree with most of the conclusions, and see their points even when I don’t…maybe the mag has the tools this time out. A huge improvement. It’s lame that you can’t read all the entries on their site, though, especially the one for ballet flats. Hee.

A.M. Homes’s The Mistress’s Daughter. I wanted to stay on the train ’til Queens, the book is so good. I started it this morning and will probably finish it tonight, new TV be damned.

Contest page coming up, probably tonight.




  • brickton says:

    I have to give credit to the writer’s of Radar for their ability to make me question (for the briefest moment) whether the perceived value of cupcakes is in fact overrated. Brad Pitt? Overrated, sure. Grey’s? Yup. Pandas? Never thought about it, but okay. Cupcakes..? Wha..? They almost had me with the ‘but real sized cake is better’ argument, and I’ll concede that multilayer exotically flavored mini wedding cake is wholly unnecessary but when it comes right down to it: it’s a cake; in my hand; and then in my mouth. I don’t think you can over state the value of that.

  • daki says:

    This Book Will Save Your Life – I went on an A.M. Homes hunt after your entry about napping, listened to this one while commuting, and, I mean, screw getting out of the car to go interact with husband and children, I’d rather sit in the garage listening and laughing and loving, thanks very much.

    Got The Mistress’s Daughter on request now. Awesome.

  • Erin says:

    I am loving Mr. Stupidhead’s recaps of Dexter! I just checked TWOP ten minutes ago to see if the next one was up yet. His hidden message about the ITK in last week’s recap had me smirking all day.

  • Sandy L. says:

    But Sars, Radar said cats were overrated. I admit maybe LOLcats is getting kind of tired, but cats in general? That’s just mean.

  • Sars says:

    They are, though.

    …Oh, sorry. I thought you said “over-WEIGHT.” Heh.

    I can allow it if it takes aim at the whole i-can-haz-cheezburger thing, which really has got to stop.

  • FloridaErin says:

    If there is one thing I’m not proud of, it is my addiction to icanhazcheezburger. ::sigh:: I don’t understand. I’m an educated person. I’m a graduate student. I’m well read. I hate abuse of the language. But, damn, those cats make me laugh. My excuse is that the pictures are really cute. Though, Cute Overload is still better.

    I also adored the Chuck pilot, even if it have something to do with the fact that my poor graduate student job is for the Geek Squad. Heee! Nerd Herd!

    I love the Radar list, though I violently oppose some of their opinions, like Jim from The Office. No abusing my t.v. boyfriends!

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