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The Squared Up Podcast, Episode 2: Whither Pelfrey?

Submitted by on January 17, 2011 – 11:00 AM6 Comments

The Squared Up Podcast returns at last! Our first 2011 broadcast features Jill Stempel, a.k.a. “Bean,” who’s responsible for my reversion to Mets fandom. We remain friends despite this. Heh.

Episode 2 is Mets-heavy, and topics include the collection of tatters known as “the starting rotation”; K-Rod’s status; whither Beltran; “he got concussed, hit nothing, and was ugly”; my inappropriate baseball crushes; whether the integrity and sportsmanship clause should guide Hall of Fame voting; and the glorious reunion of boot and ass. You may also care to enjoy the insistent but unfocused contributions of a certain orange cat.

Please send comments, questions, and that young pitcher’s name we couldn’t remember to bunting at tomatonation dot com.

[podcast format=”video”] Up Episode 2.mp3[/podcast]

Coming off the bench:




  • Ray says:

    Welcome back to the fold (or, given Met coverage in the New York papers, welcome back below the fold). We’re always happy to have back anyone we can get, and you’re certainly not jumping on any bandwagon at this point.

    My own blog about the boys has been pretty dormant in the off-season, but I highly recommend Faith and Fear and Metsgrrl even in these dark wintry times. Greg, Jason and Caryn are among the best:)

  • Amanda says:

    I think the Hobe wants to manage the Mets.

    Y’all be gettin’ my hopes up. Chris Young the outfielder isn’t going anywhere, much to my neverending chagrin. You are in fact going to be adding, so it appears, Chris Young the pitcher to your rotation, who, aside from being rather pretty and tall enough to rescue cats from trees, is not much of an addition, at least so it appears now because he’s always hurt. But you could do worse.

    Re: Manny, he was hurt a bunch last season, and also the whole team sucked, so none of us actually noticed. Everyone was busy either blaming everything on Matt Kemp (and the gleeful response to his breakup with Rihanna and “now he won’t suck” has been absolutely mortifying) or insisting we needed more pitching. Right. Anyway, whoever picks him up, I think it’ll be worth it to them. He really wasn’t that big a headcase in LA. We had Vicente Padilla shooting himself in the leg and our owners being…themselves, so everything else was kinda, eh, whatevs.

    Bean needs to rehab her impression of Jim Thome. Show her some old Dugouts or something. And speaking of Dugouts: FARNSY! I think we Dodgers fans briefly thought we might acquire Farnsy, when we were simultaneously being terrorized with the prospect of acquiring Jeff Francoeur and Jonathan Broxton’s weak-ass attempts at “pitching.” MAn, 2010 sucked.

  • Bean (aka Jill Stempel) says:

    OK, Amanda, on your advice I will embark on a Jim Thome rethink… but I REFUSE to rethink Farnsy. He is and always will be a head case. As for Manny, I see your point but I still think it isn’t worth it for the Mets next year. And anyway he probably wants to be on a team that is contending which… is probably not the Mets next year either.

  • Amanda says:

    I’ve always had the impression Thome is just a not-that-bright teddy bear (various interviews with him have solidified this impression, especially one when he first got to LA and used “you know” five times in one sentence), so I had to defend him. I don’t defend Farnsy so much as…he’s there to laugh at, basicallly, and I would not have been okay with acquiring him last year, unless it came down to Death Is Not an Option and the other choice was Francoeur.

    I think Manny will go to anyone who shows him a big pile of money and promises to let him Be Manny™. He has two World Series rings and isn’t getting any younger, so in theory he might be most keen on padding his stats. Not that I actually understand anything he does, even after being a Red Sox fan for years.

  • Jenn says:


    I have the first ep on my iPhone but can’t get iTunes to show me that there is a second ep. Can’t find it when I search the store either. what’s up with that? Going on an 8-hr bus ride on Monday and would love to take this along.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    I don’t know; I’ve been trying to force the feed to update all week. I’m working on it.

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