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The Old Ball Game
October 29, 2001 – 1:07 PM | No Comment

September, 1985. Reagan’s in the White House, The Golden Girls rule the Nielsen ratings, and I’ve just started the eighth grade armed with a collection of Flashdance-tastic off-the-shoulder Esprit tops, a parted-down-the-middle-and-carefully-curled-on-the-sides hairdo, and enough …

The Vine: October 24, 2001
October 24, 2001 – 11:32 PM | No Comment

Re: books about baseball.
I also suggest all of W.P. Kinsella’s novels and short stories that have to do with baseball.I’m not a huge baseball fan, but my dad was —
Kinsella’s baseball books make me all …

The Vine: October 23, 2001
October 23, 2001 – 11:29 PM | No Comment

Dear Sarah,
I have a question, but first a little background.My parents are not sports fans, and seeing as how my home team, the Seattle Mariners, basically sucked for most of their, and my, existence, I …

45 Reasons To Hail The Return Of Yankee Baseball
April 20, 2001 – 12:20 PM | No Comment

1. The return of warm weather.
2. …followed by the return of hot weather…
3. …followed by the return of “it’s too damn hot and sticky to do a damn thing except lie on the floor in …

Off His Rocker
December 16, 1999 – 1:14 PM | No Comment

For four years in college, I had to listen to kids who didn’t know Cape May from Port Elizabeth spout a bunch of ignorant bushwa about how much New Jersey sucked. Everything they knew about …