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The Vine: October 13, 2004
October 13, 2004 – 7:02 PM | No Comment

I had to respond after reading “Might as well change her name to ‘and she’s smart too!’”‘s letter.I was that child growing up.People stopped my parents all of the time to comment on my looks.I …

The Vine: August 27, 2004
August 27, 2004 – 4:29 PM | No Comment

Hi Sars —
This is in response to the baseball rookie looking for answers to stupid baseball questions. The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary by Paul Dickson is AWESOME. I’ve found the answer to every dumb baseball …

The Vine: August 26, 2004
August 26, 2004 – 4:25 PM | No Comment

Hi Sars —
My problem: I have been dating a great guy for over four years. He is incredibly loving and sweet. I love spending time with him and want to spend the rest of my …

The Vine: July 15, 2004
July 15, 2004 – 10:46 AM | No Comment

Deborah —
Thank goodness you’re in the expert column right now.
I have a problem I never thought I’d have. I am part of a very small book group. I worked in bookstores for years before getting …

The Vine: May 26, 2004
May 26, 2004 – 2:15 PM | No Comment

Dear Sars and AB Chao,
I am hoping you can shed some light on the mystery of making mojitos
at home. We are having a large party and desperately want to serve them.
But…all that muddling. Is there …

The Vine: May 7, 2004
May 7, 2004 – 8:46 PM | No Comment

The site rocks.Rocks, I say!Ahem…
So, this question has to do with what seems like two favorite topics of
yours — baseball, and grammar (there might also be some cat stuff thrown in
if I decide to be …

The Vine: April 27, 2004
April 27, 2004 – 7:17 PM | No Comment

Dear Sars,
There’s a relationship
issue I’ve been struggling with for awhile that I’d love to hear your
opinion on. It’s a little bit convoluted (what relationship issue isn’t, I
suppose), but here goes.
I’ve been in an (almost) two-year …

Nine Reasons To Give Baseball Another Chance
April 12, 2004 – 8:59 AM | One Comment

It’s okay if you don’t like baseball. Truly, it is. I didn’t like baseball either, at one time in my life. Of course, at the same time in my life, I had a gigantic crush …

The Vine: April 2, 2004
April 2, 2004 – 11:52 AM | No Comment

Dear Sars, grammar maven from on high,
Glad to see this touched on in The Vine, but I’d like to know what you think
of the prevalence of “women” or “woman” used as an adjective in place …

The Vine: March 10, 2004
March 10, 2004 – 11:48 AM | No Comment

Dear Sars,
No big serious problem here, but as a fellow cat-mom, I thought you
might be able to answer a question for me. We’ve had four female cats for
nearly ten years, and have just recently adopted …