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Celebrity Bull-Riding: The No-Seriously-ening

Submitted by on August 21, 2007 – 3:03 PM10 Comments

Okay, so the link was sort of a joke, at first, kind of, but I did DVR it. Did…anyone else? DVR it? C'maaaaahhhhn, admit it. Lord knows I'm not going to judge you; I'm still watching Real World, for the love of Pete.

Anyway, not that you're watching it, but if you were watching it, as I am doing today in the home office, you would know that Leif Garrett quit in the first episode while Vanilla Ice made "are you effin' kidding me" faces. Vanilla Ice also tried to give Stephen Baldwin a haircut. There was also: a speech from Ty Murray about how he's proud of Jonny Fairplay for facing his fears; Jonny Fairplay in purple drop-seat pajamas; and Nitro making himself my most hated guy on the show for 1) trying to "call" the biggest bull on the first day while 2) being passive-aggressive girls'-school-group-project-y about it at the same time. So far, he's acting like he's going to school the rest of the group on some shit, like, it's bull-riding!With D-listers!Get a sense of humor!

And you know who has exactly the sense of humor that's called for here? Jewel! Yes, "that Jewel"! …I know! But she's Ty Murray's girlfriend, which is kind of awesome, and she was running the controls of the mechanical bull during their first training session, during which she 1) referred to herself as the Vanna White of the mechanical bull (hee), and 2) after Nitro did a bunch of blathering about being an athlete or whatever the hell he's always on about, Jewel stopped the bull short, he fell on his face into the peat, and Jewel gave him an insincere "…sorry" while pulling a bitchface. Hilarious. I take back at least 85 percent of everything bad I ever said about her.

It's actually not horrible, is my point. In fact, it's actually somewhat informative, and even Fairplay is, so far, acting like a human being. A human being with a red perm, but still. Baby steps.

Speaking of cultural frustrations, go comment on AMC's blog about the most overquoted movies.

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  • Jenny says:

    Alright, fine, I…. watched it, too. And yes, I'm more than embarrassed to admit that Jewel was kind of awesome. Who knew?

  • Karen says:

    I "accidentally" watched this at the gym last week (damn you MTV, and your sporadic weeknight showings of ANTM!). I wasn't horrified by it. I wasn't sure, however, about Jonny Fairplay's new dye-job. What's less attractive than a dingy blond mop, you ask? Why, a badly dyed burnt orange mop, of course!

  • Kizz says:

    I watched most of the first ep as well and was pleasantly surprised. I mean, yeah, ridiculous but still sort of fun. And, wow, back when all my friends had such huge crushes on Lief Garrett I wish I'd known what a total pussy he was. I haven't found any of the other eps but it was definitely worth the time for a giggle I thought.

  • Cindi says:

    Okay, okay. Not only did I watch it, it's on my DVR. And there was a marathon on last weekend. I watched that too. I found Nitro to be quite douchey as well, and my God Lief – suck it up dude! Jewell rocked, and I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I actually found myself liking
    Vanilla Ice! I….don't know what's happening to me.

  • Ed says:

    I loved it. I think it is the best reality show on tv other than Dirty Jobs.

    Hands down my favorite…sure beats watching Hannity and Colmes

  • Joe R says:

    I tried to tell you all back in January when she guest-judged on Idol — Jewel can be kind of awesome. I was as surprised as you are.

  • chauncey says:

    I watched it too. (please don't tell anyone)
    As far as "reality" TV goes it wasn't too bad. After this and Nashville Star (don't judge–it's better than Idol) I really, like Jewel.

    It gets even better during the second episode, Vanilla Ice dances. Awesome!

  • Red says:

    I caught part of the marathon & it was impossible to change the channel. Vanilla Ice and bull-riding. Hilarious (in a can't believe this is on TV sort of way)!

  • Dude, on Sars' suggestion, I checked it out, and it was better than anticipated. Nitro is an ass and my least favorite, and, I thought I'd never say this, but poor Baldwin. You still owe me for Biodome, but I pity you just a little bit. Also, my horse is that guy from the IFC who I know nothing about but I can tell came there to work! Also? The purple drop seat pajama's Fairplay sported? Funny yet appropriate.

  • Kim D says:

    I watched it and look forward to each new episode. I agree it's the best reality show other than Dirty Jobs. I have to agree with some of you that I'm actually liking Vanilla Ice. It's weird. What I like most is that you can just see the fear in all of their eyes. No hiding that! It actually shows you they are human. Also, it's nice to see that Jewel is a normal person, but her hookup with Ty seems odd.

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