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Cinemarch Madness: Dear Zachary

Submitted by on April 8, 2013 – 3:33 PM30 Comments

grunge film background

After several weeks and many wintry nights of the pop-culture soul, Cinemarch Madness has its champion — and that champion is Dear Zachary.

It’s the correct result, in my opinion, although it’s a surprise to me, I must say. As much as I’ve tried to recommend the film without either spoiling it or downplaying its severity, I didn’t think enough people would have seen it. And at the same time, it’s apparently not a matter of opinion as to whether it’s affecting; viewers who don’t remember the name of it offhand will still hear about Cinemarch Madness and start snapping their fingers all “you know, with the kid and the judge and the…you saw it, right?” until they come up with it, and nobody is like, “Yeah, it was good.” You just don’t see consensus like that about movies, ordinarily. This one, everyone’s on the same page: we love the Bagbys; we hope a Kurt Kuenne talks about us so well when we’ve passed; we felt a physical reaction at That Revelation; and we don’t want ever to see it again.

Thanks so much for nominating, commenting, and voting, and special thanks to Ferretrick for taking a day of write-ups off my hands. Watch this space for upcoming brackets/polls about cookies; hilarious cat behaviors; and what the hell, we might as well do soft drinks, right? (“The NC Bubble A”? Ehhhhhh?)




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