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Girls 105: For the story

Submitted by on May 14, 2012 – 10:04 AMOne Comment

From my recap of last night's kind-of-off episode of Girls, "Hard Being Easy," over at Press Play:

The Marnie/Charlie storyline picks up shortly after the end of the last episode, and it's well done—but it has to climb uphill from a ridonkulous beginning in which Charlie forces Hannah to read aloud from the journal in front of him and Marnie. Hannah goes along with this, despite the fact that 1) Charlie (well, mostly Ray, but whatever) violated her privacy, 2) Marnie threw a drink on her and called her a bitch, 3) neither of them apologized, and 4) whatever Hannah's involvement, the only credible action for any character would be to hole up elsewhere until the couple's storm blew over. And Hannah not only goes along with it, she corrects them, saying it's "notes for a book," not a journal, and asks for feedback on the writing. Yes, Hannah lives in her own bellybutton, but this isn't believable behavior from anyone.

Most of the ep landed wrong for me, but it raised some good questions about what we want from our art/TV, and whether to prioritize relatability or challenge — or either of those. Looking forward to your comments over at PP!

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  • Nanc in Ashland says:

    I'm not watching this because I don't have cable but keeerist, what's up with the topknot and print caftan on the young lady on the right? She looks like a young Mrs. Madrigal from Tales of the City (even though young Mrs. M started out as a Mr.)

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