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Introducing The Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs Podcast!

Submitted by on March 17, 2016 – 12:27 PM11 Comments


It's about crop rotation! (Hee.)

It's not about crop rotation. It's me, it's Mark Blankenship, it's one song per episode. Our inaugural ep is a Mark pick, Heavy D And The Boyz's "Now That We've Found Love (What Are Gonna Do (With It (This Is Not The Real Punctuation)))" and a discussion of '90s video locations, gold-sandal sourcing, the importance of condoms, and much more.

You can listen right here.

The discussion will make more sense if you've seen the vid:

We're excited for you to hear our first ep, and to hear from you: song suggestions, petty objections, what have you. Comment here or use the contact info in the show notes, below!

David Gregory Byrne, who wrote our theme song(s)
Download you some Heavy D
And some C+C
Aaaaand some ELF EMF
Back to the "Principal's Office" we ALL go
Learn more about Guy, bub

Follow us on Twitter
Send us songs/feels at talkaboutsongs at gmail dot com
Subscribe on iTunes and make us feel good

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  • CJ says:

    I'm so excited for this!!

  • Claire says:

    I ADORE this.

  • Isis Uptown says:

    I just shared "Shut Up, Jim Morrison" and here is Sarah talking about a song!

  • Profreader says:

    Here's a question: what are the awesome-looking mics that you're using? Loved the first ep, can't wait for more. [wanders away, thinking of theme songs…]

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Samsons, I think? Mr. S is the east-coast sound-tech guru; he provided them. I just talk next to them. I can ask for more deets if you're interested in upgrading, though!

  • Lisa says:

    I'm loving this!I'd probably be entertained listening to you two talk about anything, but songs of the 90's is an especially fun topic. Can't wait for more!

  • Profreader says:

    Whenever you have a moment, yes, would love to have more details re the mics. And now MADONNA. So great.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    @Prof, can you just email me directly so I don't forget?

  • Maria says:

    Wasn't this song featured in a 90s movie montage? I want to say "Sister Act." That's the only reason I knew it. (I was born in 1980, for reference!)

  • Jesse says:

    LOVED THIS! But was shocked to hear Mark say that Guy didn't have mainstream success, or whatever his actual phrase was. Is that true? They were ubiquitous in my high school, but I didn't know the Beastie Boys' "She's Crafty" opens with a Led Zepplin clip until well into college, so I realize my experience was different from many people's.

  • Karen Williams says:

    Hey! Love the podcast and that you started with this song. I would like to suggest Michel'le's "Nicety" or "No More Lies". The video for "Nicety" is fun, as well as a good dance song to remember.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

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